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There are two differences:

1- PoooliPrinter L1 has a 200 dpi resolution and PoooliPrinter L2 instant HD has a 300 dpi resolution. DPI (dots per inch) refers to the physical dot density of an image when it is printed onto paper.

2- PoooliPrinter L1 has a 48mm printing width and PoooliPrinter L2 has a 54mm printing width. 

Our PoooliPrinter® L1, L2, LE, XL and A4 cannot print in colors. 

However, our PoooliPrinter® L1, L2 Instant HD and XL are inkless and supports black color printing on any thermal paper rolls! 

They can also print pink/blue on our PoooliPaper Pink/Blue Prints paper rolls. We also offer many different types of paper rolls available such as colored paper, transparent paper, sticky paper…


Our PoooliPrinter® L1, L2, LE & XL are thermal printers, which does not require ink, ribbon, or thermal transfer ribbon.  Just load thepaper rolls in, and you can print!

Our PoooliPrinter® A4 require a thermal ribbon.

The beak is a detachable magnet, so you can use it to display your notes, art, to do list & more on any metallic surfaces you would like. It also doubles as a card holder if you put it on a flat surface. 

Poooliprinter® L1, L2 & LE: watch video tutorial

Poooliprinter® XL: watch video tutorial

The battery is a Li-ion battery and the typical life of these batteries is 300-500 charging/discharging cycles. The printer also comes with a one year warranty which covers the battery as well.

The grayscale printing mode is an enhanced quality printing mode exclusively available on PoooliPrinter XL. When used in combination to the White Special Photo Paper it will give to your photo prints even more details and a better quality than the regular white paper.

The retention period may be affected by the exposure of the thermal paper to the sun. For normal use conditions, the retention time varies from a minimum of 10 years and up to 22 years depending the type of paper you use.  

Refer to the paper rolls product page for more info about retention time.

Poooliprinter® L1 & L2 Instant HD: watch video tutorial

Poooliprinter® XL: watch video tutorial

PoooliPrinter L1 and L2 supports any type of 57mm / 2.2" thermal paper rolls. PoooliPrinter XL is compatible with its own XL paper rolls sized 110mm / 4.3" and 80 mm / 3.1" but it is also compatible with all the L1/L2 paper rolls. PoooliPrint® official paper has passed BPA test, and it is BPA free.

Yes, you can easily replace the paper rolls at anytime. Use PoooliPaper Sticky rolls one day and PoooliPaper Semi-transparent rolls the next day. No need to wait for the rolls to be fully used, you can reuse them! 

You can print up to 100 pictures for each roll*. Keep in mind this depends on the type of paper you use, refer to the description of a specific paper roll for more details.

*Example for reference only for pictures sized 80x57mm / 3.15"x2.25 inches.*Each roll is between 3.5 / 11.5ft and 8m / 26ft long.

You can download the free Poooli App from our TRY OUR APPS page.

Sign-up is not required for most functions. It is required to use the scanning function or track your printed mileage. If you would like to sign-up to the Poooli App, here is a video tutorial on how to sign-up from the app:

Learn more about all you can do thanks to the Poooli App from our Poooliprint App page.

You can also watch our video tutorials to learn how to use all features from the Poooliprint App:

Application tutorial thumbnail

The Poooliprint app requires microphone permissions because there is a Voice QR code printing feature available. You can read more about it here.

The location permission is used to search and connect the printer via bluetooth, this is a requirement from the app store.

Poooliprinter® L1 & L2 Instant HD:

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Poooliprinter® XL:

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Poooliprinter® A4:

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You can visit the Help Center if you require technical support or you can always contact us.

Some of the thermal papers, including the Sticky Paper Rolls and the paper rolls from the Poooli Creators range are rolled with the thermal side facing inward to stay protected during storage and transport because they are more fragile.

However, feel reassured you can still use those rolls. In order to print you must ensure the thermal side of the paper is facing the print head. As long as there is a contact between the paper and the scroll wheel, it can be pulled out and printed.

Our products are covered by a 1 year limited warranty. We only exchange items if they stop working, we do not cover product damage caused by clumsy handling or unconventional use. Learn more about it from our warranty policy page. 


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