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Best Options for a Label Printer: PoooliPrint or Phomemo?

Whether you want to keep your office organized, or make sure that your child doesn't lose half of their wardrobe while they're away at camp for the summer, there are plenty of good reasons to get a label printer. Of course, that leaves the question:

Where should you get your new label printer?

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PoooliPrint and Phomemo are two of the premier brands out there, and all of their printers offer the staples of inkless printing such as portability, easy app-based integration, and amazing photo quality. That's why we're going to pit them against each other and let you decide for yourself which option is best for you.

In just a few short paragraphs, you'll know everything you need to know about these two label printers.

What is a thermal printer?

As Techopedia very simply puts it, "A thermal printer is a printer that makes use of heat in order to produce the image on paper."

By applying a specific amount of heat to specific areas of paper, you can color that paper and get your desired text or design. The amazing advantage of this is that it's completely inkless, and thus much better for the environment.

Ink cartridges can take more than 450 years to decompose completely, so if you care about saving the environment, transitioning to inkless printing is definitely a good step to take. Of course, just saving the time and money that you'd usually spend going out and buying ink cartridges might be its own reward.

Zink first introduced thermal printers in 2006, so you don't need to worry that you're getting yourself involved with new and unproven technology. Thermal printing is already one of the most reliable and high-quality forms of printing out there even without the environmental advantages!

A thermal printer might be a little more expensive at first than an old-fashioned inkjet printer, but you'll almost definitely save money down the line by cutting out ink cartridges and toner.

Is a pocket printer really that great for printing labels?

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The short answer is "absolutely!"

Obviously, you won't exactly want a full sheet of A4 paper for your labels, which is why the smaller thermal paper is perfect. That means that a pocket printer is a perfect item for you to print out all of your labels. And while some pocket-sized thermal printers cost a fortune, there are absolutely affordable options out there.

A quick look at Poooli's catalog will show you that you can definitely find a pocket printer in your budget, so even if you don't plan on printing out labels all day long, it's still a worthwhile investment for quickly and easily printing out any label you might need.

Plus, almost every pocket printer is compatible with all different types of thermal paper, from colored to sticky-back paper - the latter obviously making the perfect label. If you plan on making levels with any consistency, it's definitely time to buy a pocket printer. If you're still not convinced, find Poooli full list of advantages of pocket printers here.

Paper cost

The best part about an inkless printer is that you won't need to break the bank on paper. The cheaper products thermal printer paper products cost about $10 USD, while the more expensive paper items will be about $20-$25.

poooliprint labels

The Phomemo catalog is in the same price range, so you won't need to worry too much about your nickles and dimes. And, as we mentioned earlier, while thermal printer paper might be more expensive than the paper that fits in your older printers, you'll almost certainly save money down the line since you'll never need to buy expensive and bulky ink cartridges or printer toner ever again.


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It's always nice to have a little extra security when you're buying a new label printer, and that's why it's good to look at the warranty of any printer that piques your interest. After all, better safe than sorry, and a good warranty will add to the value of a printer and make it worth more than its price might indicate.

Every Phomemo printer comes with a one-year warranty and an 80-day return policy. That means that you have almost 3 full months to decide if the printer you bought is the one for you, and you get a full year of not worrying every time you set it down the right way.

Of course, not one to be outdone, PoooliPrint offers the same one-year warranty on all of its products and a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means that if you're still a little unsure about whether or not you're ready for a portable label printer, both of the top printer companies have offered the support you need to make that decision a little easier. Plus, both Phomemo and Poooli offer completely free worldwide shipping.

Let the people decide:

The popularity contest goes a long way. Especially for the average consumer, seeing what the other paying customers preferred is a great way to have a good jumping-off point for your search. That's why looking at the testimonials and customer reviews on the different Phomemo and PoooliPrint printers is the perfect way to start your search for the best portable label maker out there.


Poooli has an entire section on their website dedicated to reviews, so just in terms of transparency, that definitely gives them an edge over Phomemo.

Customers loved the Poooli products, and they praised these amazing thermal printers for offering high-quality images with an easy-to-use design, and one customer complimented the effective shipping all the way to Spain.

With over 1,000 reviews, you don't need to worry that you're picking from a small sample size. 

poooli as seen on tv graphic

The crowd loves the PoooliPrint series of thermal printers.

Phomemo label printer definitely got their fair share of good press, with both the Phomemo M02 pro and the standard Phomemo M02 - from the same series of products of course - earning positive reviews, though there was some dissatisfaction with the Phomemo app, which apparently only works on a mobile phone and not on a tablet. Customers did love the Bluetooth capability, but you'll get that from pretty much all thermal printers, including the Poooli series, so that's not really a big selling point.

If you still are wondering if you should get a poooli pocket printer or phomemo pocket printer at this point, here are some recommendations.

Let's get printing

Poooli lifestyle

If you need a phomemo label printer, you're probably best off with one of the Poooli thermal printers. They all offer Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity, an easy-to-use design, and of course, a stylish look. This all comes in a small package that will fit in your pocket and is probably smaller than your mobile device. Free shipping and some fantastic sales - the summer is sale is happening right now! - that definitely doesn't hurt.

Poooli also offers a slightly bigger catalog to pick from, so you're getting quantity as well as quality.

Since Poooli understands that looks matter, all of their printers come in multiple color options, so you can get a portable label maker that matches your style .

Pick your favorite and let our all-star customer service team know if you have any questions!

Thermal Printer Paper FAQ: 

Why do you need a label printer?

Label printers have a wide variety of innovative applications, from labeling jar in the kitchen to labeling your photo albums. You can also print different colors of labels with mini printers.

What is a thermal printer with example?

A thermal printer can be used by journaling enthusiasts to print decoration for their journals. It can also be used to simply print stickers or labels.

Is it cheaper to use a label printer?

A thermal label printer can be very cost efficient. Indeed, without the need for ink or expensive refills you can print labels for very cheap.

What is a good label printer for small business?

If you are operating a small business and you need a label printer you should think about the cost to print each labels. Thermal labels printers are a good cost efficient alternative to traditional label printers. Indeed, without the need for ink, it is very cheap to print each label.

What should I look for in a label printer?

If you are looking for a label printer you must look at the label sizes printing options to make sure it meets your need. More importantly, you should also make sure you are getting a thermal label printer which is going to be cheaper to operate since it's inkless.

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