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Inkless Printer Magic: PoooliPrint's Favorite Fan Uses

Pocket-sized and versatile, the PoooliPrint inkless printer is a journal lover’s dream. Say goodbye to expensive ink cartridges and bulky printers and hello to the adorable, inkless printers from PoooliPrinter.

Portable, durable, and pairable with your phone, stick around to find out such a small printer can create such big fun.

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Who is PoooliPrint?

PoooliPrint is a U.S company based in Claymont dedicated to bringing the newest thermal printing technology right to your door.

With their adorable and portable zero ink printers, Poooliprint has become a fast favorite among students, bloggers, and journal enthusiasts alike. 

poooliprint packaging and pink printer

No ink Cartridges Needed?

As unbelievable as it sounds, PoooliPrint printers are 100% ink-free.

This method of inkless printing is known as thermal printing.

Unlike normal printing paper, thermal printing is performed by applying heat to dye crystals in carbon paper. When these are met with heat pulses, they create pigment on the paper which becomes the image you are printing.

Pretty cool huh?

This means there are no ink cartridges, ribbons, or even toner cartridges. And not only does this save you money, but it's actually much more environmentally friendly. Did you know that just one ink cartridge takes around 450 years to decompose? Not to mention that only a quarter of the cartridges get recycled.

poooliprint portable inkless printer

Why are they a fan favorite?

Being eco-friendly and easy to use are just two of the reasons that PoooliPrint products are a fan favorite. To read an in-depth take on why PoooliPrint is so popular, read this article. But for now, let me just cover some of the bases quickly.

poooliprint arts ideas

The App

A big plus of the PoooliPrint is the matching app. Suitable for both iPhone and Android, it's handy and on the go. You even get rewards for signing up which is always fun.

Not only does the app allow you to print your own photos and graphics, but it also has a catalog of templates to choose from.

A big bonus is the ability to edit your images before printing. And I'm not just talking about the standard brightness and contrast, but also filters! Allow you to customize your prints until they are perfect.


Unlike the heavy, ink and toner printers that you find in offices, the PoooliPrint printers are made to be portable fun that you can take wherever you go. With the L1, L2, and LE all being 3.25 inches and the XL being 5.5 inches, these printers can be carried to your friend's house for a journaling date, or even to school if you need to print something off.

Even the paper is portable, with one roll being just the size of your hand.

poooliprint desk goal

Fun Printer Paper

One of the best parts about the Poooliprinter is that the fun doesn't have to end with the images you choose to print. PoooliPrint offers an array of paper, ranging in color and function.

It's also worth noting that the paper is ink-free, BPA free, water-resistant, oil proof, and even scratch-free!

Here are just a few to give you a taste of what PoooliPrint ideas:

poooliprinter xl portable office printer

So what are some favorite fan uses?

With PoooliPrinters being so portable, versatile, and with such an easy printing process, the uses they have are endless. This, of course, can become overwhelming. After all, where do you begin? Here are some of the best poooliprint ideas:


PoooliPrinters are a huge favorite among the bullet journal, art journal, and journaling community as a whole. If you are new to PooolPrinters or simply having a look for some fun new ways to use this cute photo printer, check out this list.

  • Monthly Memories - Why not put some of that photo paper to use and print out your favorite photos from that month and make a monthly memory spread.
  • Titles for your spreads - Using transparent paper or even the color print paper here would allow you to print out headers for each month or page, bringing a dynamic look to your spread.
  • Mood Board - Everyone loves a good mood board, so why not print off some of your favorite pictures and make a collage that makes you happy just to look at.
  • Stickers - Turn everything into a sticker and decorate your bullet journal! This is where you can truly customize it. Whether that means sticking pictures of stars or flowers all over your pages, the choices are endless.
  • Quotes Pages - Everyone needs a pick me up now and then, so why not use gold or silver paper to print out a quote that makes you smile.
  • Calendar - Using the Poooliprint templates it's easy to make a calendar to put in your bullet journal at the start of each month.
  • To-Do List - A must-have in every bullet journal. Make your own or use a pool print template to spruce up your journal by giving it a fun-looking to-do list that will make you look forward to tackling those pesky tasks.

august journal spread

Photo Album

A photo album is another place that a PoooliPrinter will really come in handy.

Print out those ever-important pictures so that you can relive your favorite memories over and over again.

  • How about adding a few stickers? Decorate your album with a few stickers to make it extra special.

  • Sticky notes - Why not add a few sticky notes here and there so you can write down details of pictures you love.

  • Date Labels - make labels to remind you when each photo was taken.

poooliprint scrapbooking page

Spice up your homework

Why not make homework fun by using the PoooliPrinter to make the process is a little less painless. With its inkless printing, and easy printing technology it may even make this easier! Here are just a few ways it can come in handy:

  • Table - Use the free app templates, or even create your own table to add to your homework.

  • Graphs - Why not print off a graph to show your teacher that you are willing to go the extra mile but with minimal effort.

  • Document Printing - A pro of the app is how it allows you to print your documents, and I can't think of a better use for that than homework.
  • Website Printing - Need proof of findings or examples? You can use the PoooliPrint app to do website printing.

  • Tabs - An organizer's best friend, so why not make a few and keep your homework labeled. That way you won't need to waste precious sleeping time searching high and low for the right assignment.

poooliprint homework planner


As mentioned above, PoooliPrinters have endless possibilities, all of which can be put towards gifts. An other Poooliprint idea is to make your friend a birthday card. Or send them a cute, personalized note to tell them how much they mean to you? You could even make them a photo album full of favorite pictures and funny quotes. 

handmade bookmars poooliprint

How would you use the PoooliPrinter?

As you can see, the Poooliprinter is a magic printer, versatile, cute, environmentally friendly bundle that leads to hours and hours of fun inkless printing. So next time you have some time on your hands, why not whip out your PoooliPrint and get creating!

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