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Is Poooliprint L2 Worth It?

With Poooliprint, you don’t need ink to print. 

Poooliprinter L2 is a portable thermal printer that you can carry to print on the go

If you are like me and love journaling, note-taking, organizing to-do lists, you probably are looking for ideas to make it more fun and creative. In this case, a thermal pocket printer can be a real help. Because you can do exciting things using such a tiny little printer like printing things for your journal on the go. 

That’s how I decided to look for a printer that I could carry everywhere. During this process, I found a few different portable printers. I loved the idea of portable printers because I could take a portable printer everywhere I go. So I started looking for a portable printer that suits my needs.

I was looking for something simple and easy to use, that won’t take too much of my time to learn how to use it and will make journaling and notetaking creative and fun. I eventually came across Poooliprint and after reading about them and checking their great reviews, I figured I would give it a try. Their website is easy to navigate, so it was a smooth process to place an order and I received it just about 10 days later within the expected delivery time.

poooliprinter l2

Let’s find out if Poooliprint L2 is worth it

Unboxing & Overview:

Poooliprinter offer two versions of their L thermal pocket printer series. The first one is named Poooliprinter L1 and the other is named Poooliprinter L2. I ordered the Poooliprinter L2 because it has a higher resolution (300 dpi) than Poooliprinter L1 (200 dpi). DPI stands for dot per inch so if you want a higher resolution printer, you should go for Poooli printer L2. Another difference is that Poooliprinter L2 has a 54mm printing width whereas Poooliprinter L1 has a 48mm printing width. 

It comes in a small box. There is a quick start guide in the box, a cable for charging, a free paper roll & the Poooliprinter L2 itself.

I liked the design of the printer at first sight for being tiny in size and looking like a bird with it's cute little beak. I picked the pink color version among the four color options (yellow, blue, pink, and green). The beak matches the color of the printer and makes it look like a bird. You can use the beak to attach your notes, art, to-do list on any surfaces you would like. I am satisfied with the design and simplicity of the device.

The free paper roll that comes with it is white. However, paper rolls are available in multiple styles and colors and you can order your favorite color paper roll from their website and pick from 30+ types of paper rolls. You will get about 100 prints from each paper roll.

Usage experience:

Poooliprinter L2 came precharged, so I didn’t have to wait to use it. It’s straightforward to use and all I had to do is install the phone app and connect the device with the app. After that, Poooliprinter L2 was ready to print and I started using it, it’s that simple.The Poooli app is compatible for both Android and iOS and if you face any problem to connect the printer you can check their website help center or Youtube channel for tutorials. They have tutorials for everything!

After installing the app, you can use the pre-designed templates or print photos directly from your phone. I printed out some of my images and loved the result. I am not a good drawer, so for journaling I downloaded some photos and then printed them out and they looked pretty cool. The print quality is top-notch & accurate. I just needed to select the image and click on the print button. Then I had the option to customize the printing output the way I wanted it. You can play around with contrast and resize or crop the image using the Poooli app. 

poooli app with poooliprinter L2 pink

In my case I used it mostly for bullet journaling, notetaking, scrapbooking and making to-do lists. The process was smooth, saved me a lot of time and made my journaling experience more fun. I can carry it anywhere I go and now it’s my travel partner.

Poooliprinter L2 is a thermal printer, so it doesn’t need ink- which I think is cool. So now all I need is a single device for printing.

After using it for a few weeks and checking how other Poooliprinter users are using it, I have to say that the creative things you can do with Poooliprinter L2 are limitless. My favorite thing about it is that I can personalize everything I want.

Now, let me give you some ideas of what you can do with Poooliprinter L2.

Bullet Journaling with Poooliprinter L2:

The main reason I bought Poooliprinter L2 is for journaling. I love to do journaling because it makes me feel like a better person and more conscious of my thoughts. I wanted to do it more creatively and now it makes my entire journaling experience so much better.

Practicing Doodle with Poooliprinter L2:

I am not an artist, and I don’t know how to draw. But when I see those beautiful doodles online, I always wanted to draw some. I use my printer to practice doodling and I am now getting better at it.

To-do List with Poooliprinter L2:

I hate to-do lists! But it’s life, and we need to get things done. To make the to-do list more attractive, I used some of the pre-designed templates of Poooliprinter L2. Now, when I look at my to-do list it brings a smile to my face because of those cute designs.

Scrapbooking with Poooliprinter L2:

Who doesn’t want to collect family history and memory for the next generation? I am no different. I love to keep memories so when something interesting happens, I take a picture and print it out. Then I write the memory about it. It looks wonderful. If you have kids, scrapbooking can be an exciting thing because you can make memories of your kids growing!

Notetaking with Poooliprinter L2:

I found this idea on Instagram. Some students are making their study fun using Poooliprinter for note-taking. They are printing images for their studies and make small notes about them. Which I think can be beneficial and fun to do for students. I am also printing notes of my favorite quotes.

My Final Thoughts:

So is Poooliprinter L2 worth it? From my perspective, I think Poooliprinter L2 is worth every penny. The amount of joy this little thing bought in my life is enormous and it also doesn’t cost too much. PoooliPrinter is the most affordable pocket thermal printer. Now that the winter sale is going on you will get Poooliprinter L2 at an even better price. The print quality is high, the details are clear. It’s so great for notetaking, journaling, scarping, and making a to-do list. You can do much more with it. You can personalize everything about it, and it’s super simple to use. I am using it to do things that I didn’t think I could do before buying it. It doesn’t take much time to do these kinds of stuff. The joy I am getting using this device is incomparable. 

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