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How to make your own Christmas cards – PoooliPrint

As you walk down the streets, you start to feel that something is different…

Okay, it’s cold… but that’s not it. The whole vibe has changed.

Instead of birds chirping… you start to hear bells ringing.

As you look up, you start to see different lights decorations on the lamps.

christmas street

When you step into a mall, you start to notice that there are Christmas trees up and ready… and that is when the most wonderful scent in the world hits your nose… mulled wine.

And this is the exact moment when it hits your ears…

“All I want for Christmas iiiiiiiis… Youuuuu.”

Ahh, it’s like you have arrived home.

Because Christmas is just around the corner, and that means…

Say it with me!


Okay, maybe I’m a little too enthusiastic about this topic, but this thing is actually good for you.


Because it shows that I actually KNOW what I’m talking about when it comes to Christmas.

And especially… when it comes to making THE. BEST. CHRISTMAS. GIFT. EVER:

Make your own christmas cards!

snowman christmas card

Okay, now wrap your seatbelts, make yourself some hot cocoa, and put on your favorite Christmas song…

… because we’re going on a trip. A wonderful trip, if you will.

But before we can do that, I have to answer the most important question…

Why Making Your Own Christmas Cards is The BEST Gifts You Can Give?


Because they’re PERSONAL. And there are two reasons for that.

Firstly, you can customize them, so it doesn’t matter who is the lucky one you’re going to give it to… they will know you have ACTUALLY thought about them.

And second: They’re handmade. And you know what that means. You MADE THEM WITH YOUR OWN TWO HANDS*. You spent time with them. You spent energy with them.

*I actually googled the definition, and this was it. Yeah. What a surprise.**

**Okay, I actually didn’t google the definition but if I’d have to guess, I think I’m pretty close.

It’s not like you’ve just grabbed the cheapest mug in the shop. No way! And it shows.

custom christmas card

They don’t cost much.

Guess what. You DON’T have to go broke over giving gifts to your loved ones…

AND… while they don’t cost much (read: almost nothing), they LOOK like they did. And this is thanks to the effort you put into them.

Which is worth waaaay more than money.

And, I mean, after all… Christmas is the celebration of LOVE. And with a customized, handmade Christmas Card, you give just that… A piece of love.

diy holiday cards

They look so awesome that whoever you gave them is going to not only LOVE IT… but put on their rooms and WATCH it every single day for eternity.

Okay, okay.

Maybe I got a liiiittle carried away, but you get it.

You can make these cards look so beautiful they won’t believe their eyes.

But how?

Well, let’s find out together:

How To Make The Most Beautiful Christmas Card They’ve Ever Seen? 

Okay. You only need 2 things for this.

First, a printer.

If you have one, then you’re all good, you can go to the other thing… 

… but if you DON’T already have a printer, then let me help you, so you can make the MOST beautiful Christmas Gift you’ve ever made.


Let’s go:

Use a PoooliPrinter.

Yeah, that’s it.

But why?

Because they were designed for this reason! To make AWESOME & GORGEOUS handmade things… for yourself or for the people you love.

They have 300 DPI resolution*

... so EVERYTHING you’ll print with them is going to look so awesome you how to blink twice to be able to believe your eyes.

*Except for the PoooliPrint L1!

They’re easy to use.

Really easy. You just have to start them, open your Poooli App on your phone, choose what you want to print, click on PRINT, and then…


Whatever you just wanted to print is right there in your hands. :)

And lastly, they’re INKLESS*.

And yes, this means that you won’t have to spend a penny to ink. ;)

*Except for the PoooliPrint A4!

custom holiday card for christmas

Okay, now let’s get back to the second thing you need to make the most beautiful Christmas Cards:


Since you are reading a blog post on how to make creative Christmas gifts, I think you are quite creative, so you won’t have any problem with this…

… but even if you do, don’t worry! I’m going to give you a little inspiration at the end of this blog. :)

Okay, so about imagination… JUST LET YOUR MIND WANDER.

Just think about who you want to give the card to… your memories, your adventures together, and I’m quite sure you’ll have some ideas!

You can even look for your photos together and start printing THOSE out… just to get a basic idea.

But if you feel like you’re really lost, then just take a look at the next point for some inspiration:

Some Inspiration, So You Can Make The BEST GIFT You’ve Ever Made

customized holiday card

Now There’s Nothing Left But To Actually Make Them

Okay, now you have a printer and some awesome ideas.

Let’s go then:

Print out the things you want to… put them on your card, and BAMM. You’re done.

Now, there’s NOTHING left but to wait… 

… to see the happiness & enjoyment on their faces as you show them what you did. :)

Poooliprinter XL: Poooliprinter XL: How to make your own Christmas cards FAQ:

Can you make your own Christmas cards?

You can craft your own christmas cards. All you need is some cardboard, a phone and a protable printer like the Poooliprint printer. You will also be able to make DIY christmas ornaments.

Is it cheaper to print your own Christmas cards?

If you want to print more than 10 christmas cards, it will be cost-efficient to get a portable printer. You will be able to craft your own custom christmas cards but also a DIY christmas advent calendar.

How do you make a card on the computer and print it?

You can use a software like Canca to design a christmas card and print it from your office printer. If you only have a phone you can download the Canva app to design a card and print it directly from your phone using the Poooli App.

What do you put on the back of a Christmas card?

To decorate the back of a christmas card, you can print christmas decorations on semi-transparent sticky paper. You can get tons of christmas decorations sticker templates from pinterest and upload it to your phone to print it from your portable printer.

What are special sayings for a Christmas card?

Christmas card sayings range from classical Merry Christmas to more elaborated Memes but regardless what you say, what matters most is how you tell them. Printing your ownchristmas advent calendarand gifting it ahead of the holiday is a very nice idea!

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