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Motivational Bulletin Board Ideas Printable

Okay, if you have read any of my articles before then you know: I’m really into motivation & getting better.

And today’s article won’t be any different.

This obsession of mine started back in the days when I was an elite athlete (meaning I had 5 training a week, plus competitions on the weekend).

And for these competitions, I had to get the most out of myself.

And one day, before a big competition, I’ve found a motivational video on YouTube. I was really interested, so I clicked on it, and there was no looking back for me since then.

I became obsessed. I mean good obsessed.

The next thing I know is that my room is full of motivational quotes, and a motivational bulletin board is standing right in the middle of it.

And… my results became better and better. And what’s more important: I enjoyed my life more.

For real.

I became happier.

And this is what I want to help you with.

For you to get better results while becoming happier.

Sounds great?

Awesome, then let’s go:

Motivational Bulletin Boards - Why Use Them?

Okay, based on what I already wrote, I think you get a basic idea but let me expand on it:

  • You become motivated.

Yeah, it’s a “duh” moment, but still… I had to include it. If you wake up and look at a motivational bulletin board, and see all those positive & inspirational quotes you become more motivated… and you’ll be way more likely to actually achieve what you wanted to achieve.

  • You can become more successful.

Thanks to the 1st point, you can also become more successful. Why? Easy. If you remind yourself every day what you need to do & have a little positivity to get you started, then you’ll be much more likely to do the things you need to get done… and actually reach your goals.

  • You can become happier.

VERY important! Because yeah, it’s great to be successful, but what does it worth if you can’t enjoy it? Thanks to the right motivational quotes, you’ll not only become more successful but also happier & you’ll be able to enjoy your whole journey to your goals.

  • It can even help your friends.

Once you start bettering yourself, you’ll find a LOT of ways to help your friends. This was the case for me when we were approaching one of the most important exams in our life with my best friend. Since I was competing in a sport, I knew a lot of ways to “fight” my nervousness, so I was pretty calm before the exam but my friend… well, to say the least, she wasn’t calm. So I told her what I already knew. How to let your stress go. How to make the most out of the situation. And the next thing I knew is she was smiling all the way as she came out from the exam. And she passed. And so did I. ;)

  • It looks great.

Yeah. A motivational bulletin board can look really awesome. So awesome even that you won’t be able to get your eyes off it. Seriously. Just listen to what I’m about to tell you in this article to find out how to make it. ;)

How To Make This Motivational Bulletin Board Look So Awesome That You Won’t Be Able To Get Your Eyes Off It?

Just like the pic above. ;)

Okay, so first things first, you’ll need a board. It’s up to you how it looks.

It can be a regular board with a black background or whatever you just want.

Next: Grab your PoooliPrinter (if you don’t already have one, then just click here to get yours), and start printing your quotes out. You can even print different drawings or figures out. It’s up to you.

But if you are a little lost on what quotes to print out, let me help you:

My 4 Favorite Quotes Ever

  • If you want it, go get it.

It’s simple. It’s efficient. Just like how you want to be to get what you want. It really teaches you to get up and do the things you need to do. I love this.

  • Smile, and you can already see your problem in a different light. Smile again, and there’s no problem anymore.

This one really gets you to think outside of the box. In a lot of cases, you are so wrapped up in your problem that you don’t realize what it just is: a problem. A thing you can solve. And with a positive mindset, you already took your first step to solve it.

  • I can achieve anything that I WANT TO achieve.

I love this. Because it shows that you can achieve what is important for you. That you can do it. And if you believe in this, then it’s going to become way easier to actually reach it.

  • I love myself.

Again, it’s simple. But it’s just so important. Positive self-talk all the way! (Just try it out for a week… you won’t look back!

And now: You have your motivational bulletin board right in front of you. And you are ready to take over the world. ;)


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