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8 Creative Photo Wall Ideas - PoooliPrint

Finally. You are here.

I have been waiting for you.

I’m not a magician or something, but if I’d have to guess, I’d say you are either:

1) Thinking about getting a pretty little thermal printer

… but before you would “pull the trigger,” you wanted to see what you can do with a wonder machine like that and what things to print out and put on your wall.


2) You ALREADY have a printer, and you are looking for different ways to use it.

Either way, you are in the PERFECT place because, in this blog, I’m going to show you 8 Creative Photo Wall Ideas you could use to make your home look better.

And when I say better… I mean it.

These ideas will not only make you happier at home… but nearly ALL of your guests will think about how awesome your house looks and compliment you on it…

Plus, ask how you did it because they want a beautiful house just like yours. ;)

(When they ask, can you please send them to this blog post? It’d mean a LOT to me. Thanks!)

Okay, without anything else, let’s go!

And my first tip is to print out…

Your Family Photos

Okay, I know, I know. Everyone knows this.

But everyone knows this BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME. For real.

Just find a great picture of your family, print it out, and put it on your wall. Or find multiple pictures and put them next to each other.

family photo book

And every time you walk across them, you’ll smile. Trust me on this.

Seeing your family (even when they aren’t home, or you don’t live together) is awesome. It makes your heart melt a little each time. :)

But that’s NOT the only picture that can make your heart melt a little… No way! But what am I talking about?

I guess you know it. ;)

I’m talking about printing out and putting on your wall your…

Photos Of Your Cute Pet(s)

If you are like me, you actually include your pets AS FAMILY… but I had to separate them for the sake of this blog.

I don’t think I need much explanation for this.

Just take a look:

pet photo printer

Pictures With Your Friends

This is a big one from our photo wall ideas.

Because these will not only make YOU feel good every time you walk past them… but it shows that you actually value your friends and that they are REALLY important to you!

And when THEY are going to see these pictures on your walls, they wouldn’t be able to help but appreciate this. A lot.

friend pictures collage

You can print out your group photos (old vs how you look now), your memories together, and even your…

Favorite Trips That Have Changed Your Life

Okay, maybe they didn’t have to actually change your life, but I think you get it. :)

I’m talking about trips that are memorable for you… maybe something really important happened there (engagement? :)), or simply because the scenery was so beautiful you never want to forget it… 

And what better way do you know, other than to print it out and put it on your photo wall SO YOU CAN SEE THEM EVERY DAY?

travel photo printer

But let’s not just stop at your trips…

Put Your Favorite Holiday Pictures On Your Walls

This is kind of the same as with the trips… I’m sure you had a few really awesome Holidays (Christmas, Easter, Hannukah, etc.), and why forget those from our photo wall ideas? 

Just print out the photos, and put them on your walls, so you’ll always remember them!

travel journal

But the BIGGEST moments don’t always happen at the BIGGEST events…

Actually, some of the most important things in my life happened when I wouldn’t even think they would…

So why not put on your walls…

The Best Moment From Your “Everyday” Life?

Maybe you met the love of your life on a random Tuesday…

In a coffee shop.

Okay, you might not have any pictures from the actual date… But why not print out a photo of a coffee, and - again - as you walk by it, you’ll remember that day?

Your first kiss.

Your first hug.

And everything? :)

photo journal printed images

But enough of the memories!

I start to get a little emotional here, so let’s move on to the next thing…

Put Your Favorite Quotes On Your Walls

I’m 100% sure you have seen this on Instagram.

And they sure look awesome.

sticky quote printed with poooliprint thermal inkless printer

Just pick a few quotes you like, print them out, put them on your walls, and voilá…

You’re done. :)

And finally…

Put Your Goals On Your Walls

You can do this in 2 ways.

1) You can put your actual goals on your walls… A little tip here: If you want to have the highest chance to achieve them, use the SMART method.

This means write them down as Specific as you just can… and they should be Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound… (This means that instead of writing down: “I will run the Marathon.”, write: “I will run 2 km under 20 minutes in the next 3 weeks.”)

2) You can put something that reminds you of your goals.


I don’t know much about you, but I don’t want everyone who comes to my house to see what I’m trying to achieve.

So this way, I am going to know what these photos mean… but everyone else would just see some awesome photos. :)

poooliprint to do list pocket printer

Poooliprinter XL: Poooliprinter XL: 8 Creative Photo Wall Ideas - PoooliPrint FAQ:

How do I make a photo collage on my wall?

There are tons of photo wall ideas you can make to decorate your wall: family photos, pets pictures, favorite quotes and more.. check out how we made these 8 creative photo collages wall idea Poooliprint portable printer.

How many pictures do you need for a wall collage?

For a photo collage you need at least 3 pictures but it can be many more. You can use an inkless portable printer to print images straight from your phone.

What paper should I use for wall collage?

If you have a portable pocket printer at home, you can use white sticky paper to make your wall collage. More fancy ideas range from silver sparkling paper to rainbow paper. Check out 30+ types of thermal paper rolls for pocket thermal printer.

How do I organize my collage frames?

You can organize your wall collage by sticking your photos on a woood board or directly on the wall if you use sticky paper.

How do you stick pictures to a wall without damaging it?

In order to avoid damaging your wall, you can print your photos on thermal sticky paper from a portable pocket printer such as the Poooliprint printer.

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