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PoooliPrint vs Phomemo

What are the most sustainable ways to print?

When discussing sustainable printing, it is best to keep in mind that maintaining a certain standard of print quality as well as the availability of more advanced features is important and fundamental for many people and interests.

There has yet to be an articulated official green standard for sustainable printing processes, so it is important to remember the aforementioned quality and availability of features, as well as the operational costs of running a green printing process.

Throughout the years, advances in sustainable printing have been approached from several different directions. The most obvious route has been to reformulate the ink needed to be less toxic and friendlier towards the environment.

As a result, vegetable oil, soy, and wood oil have been introduced as alternatives. In addition, you may be interested to learn that their recyclability often allows them to be repurposed into other inks.

Another inroad for more sustainable printing is by addressing the type of paper used. For instance, chlorine-free paper can reduce the impact of chemicals on the environment; recycled paper works well with all types of printing processes and reduces the need for trees.

What appears to be the most sustainable printing method around, however, is inkless thermal printing. Inkless thermal printing technology arose in 2006 by Zink, a start-up from Delft University of Technology.

Zink inkless printing has set the standard as it doesn't require the use of any ink whatsoever. Instead, it relies on the heating of crystals that embed an imprint onto specially carbonized paper. By removing ink from the equation, this technology could save many billions of dollars a year that would otherwise go to black ink cartridges and toners. 

portable office inkless printer

Common uses of inkless printers

Initially, inkless printers were adapted to be receipt printers, like the kind you receive at the grocery store. They are also used in label-making, portable game devices such as Nintendo, and Electrocardiography (ECG) machines.

All of these printing methods are small, which makes it quite clear that a very sustainable way to print is by printing on smaller scales than we are accustomed to, not only to save on paper but ink as well. In this sense, inkless options are ideal for all kinds of tasks as they work by feeding a paper roll into a small unit.

Inkless printers are characterized by their compact size, making them ideal for note-making and printing on the go. They are especially convenient because they don't require plugging in. Their versatility is interesting to see within a professional environment or even just as a creative person who likes to bring ideas to life.


scrapbooking is common use for inkless printers


Industry leaders in inkless printing

The company Zink has been at the forefront of inkless printing since 2007. As a result, their technology has been adopted by huge industrial printing companies such as Kodak, Canon, Polaroid, and HP.

A big player that has emerged as a developer of a new inkless printing method is Xerox. Xerox's prototypes show promise for a reusable printing paper that can easily erase an imprint which goes well for businesses that don't require permanent printing and that would like to save on paper.

This printing method is unique because it covers the paper with a blend of chemicals that darken when exposed to ultraviolet light.

poooliprint pocket printer brand

Are inkless printers worth it?

They are worth it if you do not need to work with larger-scale printing and have a lot of printing that needs to get done.

While it is true that thermal printing units are more expensive than ink printing units, they deserve a shot because they aren't beyond most people's budgets. In addition, many professionals find that it will save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

The thermal units themselves aren't in question, but rather the thermal paper they require, which is more expensive than regular printing paper. However, this specialized thermal paper is reasonably priced; for instance, you can get a thermal paper roll at 150 feet long for a very reasonable 40 cents.

Generally speaking, they cost a fourth over the regular stuff. So if you need to make a large number of labels for barcodes and things of the like, they're worth it!

The biggest hesitance with thermal printing series

The biggest hesitance that people tend to have with this new technology is that they find it hard to believe that these printers can produce high-definition images or graphics. However, they are up to the task and deliver high-definition results that you can be proud of.

Built to last, these devices are proven to keep working after ten years of consistent use. They are also designed to use anywhere, and most are quite resistant to the elements.

Advantages of a thermal or pocket printer


Thermal printing is attractive for several different reasons. First, business people and printing enthusiasts find its accessibility and general playfulness to be two of its most appealing features as they can adapt it to suit their needs and help their company make its mark.


Second, what business couldn't use a lightweight pocket printer or a label printer that works with Bluetooth?

No annoying and toxic ink cartridges

Another big advantage is that you don't need to deal with the many hassles that come along with ink or toner cartridges. There's no need to spend pricy resources swapping out ink or toner cartridges because you have circumvented the need for them. Whether you need to print bills, invoices, or general notes, thermal printers will serve as a reliable partner.

Peace and quiet

Additionally, these printers work very quietly and are so noiseless that they're guaranteed not to disrupt the productive, serene environment that many companies consistently look to cultivate. And, of course, they save time because the low operational needs that they require are quite minimal. 

poooliprinter xl thermal printer

What issues do people have with inkless thermal printers?

The biggest issue that people have with thermal printers is their limitations in printing photos in color. While they do print in gorgeous high-definition, they can fail to deliver true-to-life quality and can have less than ideal color results. As such, they may leave one with a bit of a cartoonish finish.

Additionally, leaving prints exposed to direct sunlight may result in fading, which isn't ideal for outdoor signs, for instance.

Another disadvantage is that a thermal printer is all-around more costly than an ink-based printer. Thermal printers require special thermal paper that is more expensive. If you need to replace a printhead, that can be quite expensive as well.

Different models for different uses

When you are shopping for a great portable mini thermal printer, you may want to consider: its size, if it has wireless compatibility, quality printing execution, an easy-to-use app for setting your desired prints, and that it can work through your mobile phone.

poooliprint inkless printer student

The PoooliPrinter

The PoooliPrinter is a fun new kid on the block with a variety of options to choose from in on-the-go printing. With its adorable small bird-like design, complete with a detachable bird beak on the side, you will never grow tired of taking this printer around with you. It's much too cute!

But, um, detachable beak you say? What is that used for? The detachable beak on the PoooliPrinter isn't just quirky for quirkiness sake, it is also useful. The beak doubles as 1) a magnet, so you can use it to display your notes, art, to-do list, travel photos, and more on any metallic surfaces and 2) a cardholder to hold cards, photos, or notes when put on a flat surface.

What draws most people to Poooliprint is that it is such an accessible brand. Its instructions are so straightforward, and getting started is such a smooth process that it does feel like it is inviting you to join in on the fun!

poooli printer l1 green packaging

PoooliPrint has a user-friendly app

This extends to the app that comes with it, which is often described as cute and exceptionally user-friendly. The possibilities that it offers are quite extensive and are sure to get the creative juices flowing. For instance, there are stylish note frames, to-do list layouts, speech bubbles, and different doodles that will help make your print appealing.

poooliprinter app homepage

PoooliPrint has a wide variety of paper options

Another advantage of Poooliprint is the sheer amount of paper that they offer you to choose from. It does feel like they have thermal paper for every occasion.

Just to name a few, they have sticky thermal paper, colored thermal paper, transparent paper, labels, and more that are ideal for any serious business with options from ice cream patterned to plain white. It also makes a great gift, for example, to someone who is well-organized in studying and note-taking.

poooliprint with colored paper rolls

Phomemo thermal printers

The Phomemo M110 Portable Thermal Printer has great features. Starting with a 1500 mAh battery that can run for up to 4 continuous hours, Phomemo M110 is excellent for working away from the office.

You can connect it to your iPhone or Android mobile phone devices via Bluetooth and seamlessly send whatever you wish to print. It also comes with its mobile app, where you can develop your template. Additionally, there are 330 templates, which have a good chance of working with you to suit your purposes as they span 15 industries, and they each can be adjusted.

What's more, this multi-purpose printer's speed is truly something to behold as it can go as fast as 45 mm of labels per second. So when you need a series of prints, they'll keep up with you.

If you have specific needs, you should look into different kinds to see which brands provide excellent service in which areas. On their website, it should say whether they offer quality receipt printing, label-making, photography, or the like. An unboxing video search is a great way to check them out.

blue phomemo printer

Receipt and label printer options

Some options you may like to consider are the ZKTeco Mini Bluetooth Receipt Printer, the TEROW Mini Label Printer, and the PUQU Portable Bluetooth Label Maker.

If you are interested in creating more creative items or art projects, Poooliprint, and its fun template list, are available on its app menu. They might be the best fit for your needs as it is a reliable pocket printer.

Differences between Phomemo thermal printers and Poooliprint

There's no doubt about it, Phomemo printer and PoooliPrint are both great printers that deliver high-quality results that can run straight from your phone via the PoooliPrint app or the Phomemo app. But where should you get your new thermal printer? 

The L1 PoooliPrinter

PoooliPrinter models' friendly appearance reflects the most popular model. The L1 PoooliPrinter was developed to cater to the sensibilities and needs of scrapbookers and journalists. If you're looking for a compact, stylish, high-quality image, it's a wonderful choice to take with you to print anything you wish.

The Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer

Phomemo offers you much of the same, but it is a more formal,  professional-looking printer. However, the biggest difference with Phomemo printer concerns the size. The L1 PoooliPrinter offers a printing width of 48 millimeters, while the Phomemo M02 mini only offers 42 millimeters. When it comes to their more advanced models, the L2 offers a width of 54 and the M02S 50.

poooliprinter l1 and l2 print width difference


What makes the best mini thermal printer?

It is exciting to see what the future of printer technology is shaping up to be, especially when it involves inkless printers because of their small design, on-the-go printing capabilities, and green standards of sustainability.

Naturally, the thing that should be at the forefront of our concerns when choosing a printer is sustainability, environmental consciousness, quality, and price. However, it is also important to recognize that printing in its essence should be inspirational and provoke new ideas on how we interact with each other and society.

There are many printing options on the market. Even so, both PoooliPrinter and Phomemo are leading the charge by offering a mini printer that can help you get the job done. Phomemo mini printers provide reliable, compact printing, and PoooliPrinter offers a friendlier and more amusing mobile printing method that both business people and printing enthusiasts are sure to enjoy and review positively for many years to come.

Poooliprinter l2 yellow

Pocket Printers FAQ: 

Which is the smallest printer?

The world's smallest printer is the Poooliprinter L1. This handy portable photo printer is perfect for traveling with its pocket size of just 3.25*3.25*1.5 inches / 83*83*38mm

Can photo printers print regular documents?

Most photo printers can only be used for a photo printing function. The Poooliprint printers are an exception as they can also print documents, stickers, notes, to-do list and more.

Is laser or inkjet better for photos?

When considering a photo printer, the cost to print a photo is important to consider. While Inkjet printers have a low start-up cost, they can get costly in ink. A good photo printer alternative are inkless pocket printers.

Are laser printers good for art prints?

Inkjet printers get a better color saturation than laser printers. However, they can be greedy for ink which gets costly. If you need to produce a lot of artwork a thermal printer if the best choice.

How do you use a pocket printer?

A pocket printer can be easily connected to your phone via bluetooth. From there, you can print any documents, photos, notes, to-do list and more from your phone.

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