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PoooliPrint VS Phomemo

Pocket printers are the must have gadget of the moment. From printing out special memories, to keeping your diary organized - pocket printers are so versatile it’s no wonder that everyone is looking for their own.

However, with so many on the market how do you know which is the best pocket printer for your specific needs?

To help make your pocket printer decisions easier, we’ve compared two of our PoooliPrinter models against their market equivalent; Phomemo.

While each printer produces images of the same high quality, we think PoooliPrinter offers some additional extras that you won’t want to be without.

The PoooliPrinter L1 VS The Phomemo M02

The L1 PoooliPrinter has been designed with scrapbookers and journalists in mind. Small, stylish, and high quality (48mm/1.9inch printing width and 200dpi) it’s the perfect choice for a first time pocket printer buyer. The Phomemo M02 has the same print quality as the L1, but comes with a much smaller print size at 42 mm.

Due to their similar standing within the market, both printers are similarly priced, however PoooliPrinter currently offers a 10% discount for first time customers. With this offer, the L1 comes out at $62.95 compared to $68.99 for the M02.

The Poooliprinter moves ahead when you continue to compare both design and function. With its unique beak design (that can also be used as a detachable magnet clip), the PoooliPrinter stands out for it’s fun yet sleek design. Plus, when you compare battery life, one full charge gives enough power to print 2 full rolls of paper on the L1, while the same charge is only enough to print one roll on the M02.

The PoooliPrinter L2 Instant HD VS The Phomemo M02S

Both the L2 Instant HD and the M02S are both the choice for photographers, with their wider print margin and higher print quality. Both models print with an impressive 300dpi, however the L2 Instant HD has an impressive print width of 54mm, while the M02S (just like the previous M02 model) has a smaller print range of just 50mm.

The PoooliPrinter L2 also comes with a much larger range of paper rolls options, perfect for those who like to let their creativity run wild. The white printer paper comes as standard, and then you also have the choice of numerous colours, patterns and even transparent paper options - there's an option to suit every design and style. Especially compared to the Phomemo M02S where the paper roll options are far more limited.

The Poooli App VS the Phomemo App

Finally, as a pocket printer App is such a key part of the user experience, we have done a quick comparison of the Poooli and Phomemo App. Once again, the PoooliPrinter comes out on top, purely down to the much larger range of features available.

While both Apps do make it easy to instant print your photos and images, if you’re looking to get more out of your pocket printer, and use it for more creative tasks, then the Poooli App is the right choice for you. Unlike the Phomemo App with PoooliPinter you also gain access to to-do lists and sticky note templates, text identification and printing and even voice QR code creation and printing!

With the Poooli App, the only real limitation to your pocket printer is your own creativity.

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