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Printable Adult Coloring Pages: Our Top 5 Picks

Your Favorite Childhood Activity Comes Back With A Twist

I did this.

You did this.

My neighbor’s daughters are doing this.

What am I talking about?


Sitting down and color some shapes in the way you just want to.

It’s just so freeing.

And fun.

At least from the point, you can actually make the drawing look decent. (That starts from the age of 4 years?)

And quite sadly a lot of people stop doing this completely at 8.

But it’s a mistake. A big-big mistake if you ask me.

Because there’s a thing. A thing called adult coloring…

Which is an amazing thing. And when I say amazing… I mean AMAZING.

Let me explain:

The Benefits Of Doing Adult Coloring

Let’s start with the most important thing: WHY should you do it.

  • It’s relaxing.

When you’re in a rush, you want to do EVERYTHING but color some “stupid” shapes, don’t you? But…

… this is the BEST time to do it. Quite funny, isn’t it?

Because this activity is chill. It’s laid back. You can just let go of everything and paint. And color. Just focus to keep your pencils between the lines. Be in the present. You get into the flow.

And this helps you clear up your mind. Your problems start to seem a little smaller. A little less threatening. You start to find solutions for them. And before you know… you’ve already solved them.

A little unrelated, but it fits the topic: One of my teachers told this to me a long time ago:

“Smile and you already see your problems in a different way. Smile again, and there’s no problem anymore.”

Coloring has the same effect. It’s like you just meditated.

  • It can have brain-boosting benefits.

Outside of relaxing your brain, coloring can give you other benefits as well.

For instance, thanks to this activity, you can be more focused during your days. This has happened to me. I do a lot of these experiments as I’m writing these articles, and I keep getting better and better at life.

So I guess they work, right?

  • You get better at coloring. (And in other things.)

Okaaaaaaaay, stop. I know you don’t really care about “getting better at coloring,” since you aren’t 8 years old anymore.

But still… getting better at things (it doesn’t matter how insignificant they might seem) is a good feeling. But okay, you’re still not sure.

Then let me tell you a few other areas you might get better:

You can become more precise.

More relaxed.

Have more fun.

And get better at problem-solving.

It’s a lot more than just coloring, am I right?

  • It’s fun.

Yeah, it’s fun!

Again, thanks to getting into the flow, you don’t really think while you’re doing it. You’re just there. Doing it. And once you’re done, the only thing you’ll realize is how good it felt to do it.

  • You create something beautiful.

Reading all these benefits, you might have already forgotten the basic goal of coloring: To create something beautiful. And, let’s be real… all those other points were the really important points but still…

It’s so good to look at something beautiful you just made. It can boost your confidence. Which is an awesome thing if you ask me.

  • You start to get better and better.

You’re looking really weird at me right now, don’t you? “You get better and better? What does that even mean?”

Let me tell you.

If you’re coloring regularly, then you get better and better at it. Just like in other things in life. So this can “train your mind” to just focus on small improvements instead of big steps. Because that is how you can really make big steps in life.

  • Your creative juices start to flow.

This is just an added bonus, but it’s so fun that I had to include it.

Once you’re done with coloring, you start to feel more creative. You get more ideas. Better ideas. You think faster. Come up with better solutions. Not a bad list, right?

Okay, now you’re probably filled with excitement and energy to start doing some adult coloring pages.

But… how can you do it?

Let me show you:

First step: Find some adult coloring pages samples. (I’m going to give you my 5 top picks at the end of this article!)

Second step: Grab your pocket printer. (If you don’t already have one, then you can find them here: )

Third step: Print your page out.

Fourth step: Grab some pencils and start coloring.

It wasn’t that hard, right?

And now:

Our Top 5 Picks For Printable Adult Coloring Pages

  • A tower through the keyhole.

This one is really good.


Because it’s complex. It looks awesome. And it’s quite hard, so by the end of it, you’ll be really proud of yourself. :)

  • “I am enough”

I really like this one because it’s good for beginners (it’s really easy), and it even helps you bring some positive energy into your life. Win-win if you ask me.

  • Hand and paw

This one is a beauty. If you really like dogs, then search no more! This one is for you.

  • Abstract

complex mandala image

This one seems really hard… and this is exactly why you’re going to be so happy and proud of yourself when you’re done.

Plus, once you’re done, you can hang it on your wall to 1) remember every day how awesome you are (you did it at the end of the day!), and 2) because it’s going to look really awesome and fancy!

  • The girl with the flower

girl with flower

This one is my favorite. It’s just awesome. It’s not as hard as it seems and it's worth every minute you put into it. This is the one you’ll put on Instagram. And the one where all your friends will go “WOW! This is so amazing!” when they’ll first see it.

Okay, these were my 5 picks for you.

But remember… this was just the beginning.

There are literally 100s, and 100s of printable adult coloring pages and all of them are just waiting for you to find them…

… and start living your best life thanks to them. :)

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