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Printable Bookmarks Ideas


If you’re reading an article about printable bookmarks, then I think that it’s quite possible that you like books.

And in today’s article we’re going to talk about the best friends of books:


But, to be honest, this is PART TWO of my articles about bookmarks, since I have talked about them in this article:

So, if you haven’t read it, then I highly recommend you do it! ;)

Okay, now only those of you left who have already read the first part.

Okay, okay. I know exactly that even if you haven’t read the first part, you’re still here, so let me recap it for you real quick:

It’s good to read.

It gives you new ideas.

You can live 1000 lives instead of just one. (And you can learn a lot more about life if you read a lot so you can live your life better. ;))

If you are into writing… you’ll write better.

You become more educated. You’ll know about more things. And you’ll become more intelligent as well.

But why am I even saying these? I kind of think you already LOVE reading.

And of course, you can read from different kindles and e-books but let’s be real:

Nothing beats opening a new book and feeling that fresh scent that only a new book can give to you.

And with real books, we arrive at today’s main topic:


You should use these because 1) you’ll know exactly where you were in the book, 2) it can be a great conversation starter because 3) you can express your identity with a good bookmark. ;)

Let’s take a moment here:

Because, yeah, the other two reasons are important as well when it comes to using a bookmark, but, in my opinion, THIS IS THE BIGGEST (AND BEST) REASON.

So in this article, I’m going to grab my magnifying glass and let’s take a closer look together on this topic.

(Plus, I’m even going to give you a few examples if you stick around until the end! So yeah, make sure to stick around! :))

Express Your Identity With Your Bookmarks

Why is this topic is such a huge one for me, you ask?


You can tell the world things about yourself.

Whenever someone is going to see your bookmark, they will notice it. And if your bookmark is unique and gives little cues about you, then guess what…

They’re going to know more about you. Or they can even start questions about that topic. And since you’re going to put things you like on your bookmarks, then trust me when I say: You’re going to enjoy these conversations.

It can help you reach your goals.

This might sound strange to you but listen closely:

I heard a quote back then that goes like this: “You are who you THINK you are.”

And it is just so true… in a lot of cases, if you believe you can do it, then you actually can. And vice versa.

So by expressing your identity (or who you want to be) in little things such as bookmarks, you give confirmations back to yourself, so every time you take a look at these things, you remember who you want to be.

And if you constantly remind yourself about this, then guess what… you’ll become more and more like that person you want to be day by day.

They’re fun to create.

This sounds like a small thing, but it’s so important! Do fun things. Enjoy your life. And creating something from scratch is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your free time. Especially when we’re talking bout bookmarks. ;)

They’re fun to look at.

And here comes another really important point. If you are going to do these bookmarks in the way I tell you, then they’re going to look so amazing, you’ll just want to look at them 24/7. Really. Plus, another important thing here:

As you read more and more books and as you use your bookmark more and more, you’ll start pairing memories with it.

And with every look at it, you’ll remember the memories & fun you felt reading all those books or living through all those memories while you were reading those books.

Okay, now there’s nothing left other than to give you those examples. ;)

5 Bookmark Printable Bookmark Ideas For You


Quotes are always good. They can motivate you. They can help you relax. Or they can help you remember important things. I definitely recommend you to have one or two quote bookmarks. ;)


You can make your bookmarks look like different characters you like. Just imagine using these bookmarks. Ahh, even I want to have one! :)

Just take a look again:

Your favorite sport

You can even make bookmarks inspired by your favorite sports! This can be an awesome conversation starter, and remember the “Reach your goals.” part I told you about. ;)

Funny ones.

These ones are for you if you like having fun. (I mean, who doesn’t?) These are fun & light-hearted, and it’s not that hard to make them.

Your creativity is the only limit.

I KNOW, I KNOW I say this in nearly every article I write but still… I say this because it’s just so true!

Your creativity is the only limit of what can you do! :)

How To Make These Printable Bookmarks To Make Them Look As Awesome As Possible?


Just think about what you want to do.

Grab your pocket printer.*

Design your idea, and… just print it out, and voilá… you’re done. ;)

*IF YOU DON’T ALREADY have a pocket printer, then listen closely:

I REALLY recommend that you get a PoooliPrinter.

I mean, if you are reading this (the end of a 1200+ words article), I think you are kind of interested.

And if you are this interested, then I really recommend you to get a GOOD pocket printer.

A pocket printer that prints sin gorgeous (HD) quality…

A pocket printer that is INKLESS, so you won’t have to pay any money on ink for it!

A pocket printer that is portable, so you can even use it on the go.

And a pocket printer that looks this cute:

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