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Printable Calendar 2022 Ideas

2022 is here. A new year. A new opportunity.

As they say, you can start with a “blank page,” and you decide what you will write on it.

I’m pretty sure that even if you didn't write them down… you still have some goals.

(I know this because that's what I did. 😂 I mean NOT did… well, we'll see if it works!)

Maybe you want to get into the best shape of your life. Maybe you want to start photography. Find yourself some new hobbies. Or even climb Mt. Everest.

Whatever your goal is… I’m pretty sure knowing the date can help.

(I feel like Captain Obvious but still… it's going to be important!)

And talking about knowing the date… a Calendar can be really helpful.

But why?

Let me help you out with that. ;)

Why Should You Use A Printable Calendar To Reach Your Goals?

You know what day it is

Okay, this one is quite straightforward… but it’s still important. For instance, in the summertime, I usually don’t know what day it is. And… well.. my productivity isn’t the best to put it this way. 

But on the other hand, if you know what day it is… and know what you need to do, then you can actually do it, and voilá…  your productivity goes over the roof, and your goals will “fall into your lap.”

You can break down your BIG goals into smaller (and easily achievable) steps

Now we’re talking! This is the most important point in this article.

Because when you have goals, you usually have big goals. For instance, get in shape, and so on. But if you only have the end result in mind, then guess what… you’ll have a hard time achieving it.

Instead of this, you should break down your big goals into smaller steps (for instance in our “get in shape” case: go to the gym 3 times a week), and thanks to this, you’ll be way more likely to achieve what you wanted. ;)

You remember the important dates (PART 1)

Your partner’s birthday? Make a big red X in your calendar. Easter? Again, let’s put some bunnies into your calendar. This way, you won’t have to use your brain’s capacity to remember which big event is when… you can just take a look at your calendar, and there you have it: You know exactly what’s going to happen every time.


Another important thing here: You can leave little notes for yourself weeks before these big events, so you can be sure you’ll be prepared for them. ;)

(For instance, when it comes to one of your friends’ birthday… you can be sure you’ll have time to find the perfect gift for them because you left a note for yourself in your calendar.)

You remember the important dates (PART 2)

Yeah, I really made a part 2 for this point because it’s so damn important.

So yeah, in part 1 I mainly talked about holidays… but in this, we’re going to take a look at another type of important date:


And in this category, I mean everything that can be interpreted as an “exam.” Driving test? Goes right into this. Sport competition? You guessed right, it goes into your calendar. A real exam? Please… it’s the NAME of this category.

Okay, now that we’re done with the WHY (i.e. why you need a calendar…), let’s take a look at HOW to make the best printable calendar of your life:

HOW To Make The Best Printable Calendar Of Your Life?

Quick note: If you’re about to follow what I’m going to write in here… man, oh man, even your friends are going to want to have a calendar like yours.

(Which is awesome, since you can make as much as you want and give them as gifts. ;))

Okay, let’s go.

First, I REALLY recommend investing in a portable printer.

Especially, into a PoooliPrinter.

These bad boys were made to help you make the most awesome calendar you’ve ever seen.

They were designed to help you print awesome little figures… notes… to-do lists… and even awesome photos.

Just take a look at what you can do with them:

And they are even INKLESS* (so you won’t have to spend any money on ink), portable (so you can bring them with you anywhere you just want to), and they also look really cute.

Again, just take a look:

[A photo of a PoooliPrinter that looks cute. - from L2 product page]

*Except for the PoooliPrinter A4!

Get a calendar.

Yeah, it’s common sense, but I had to include it. It doesn’t really matter how it looks, just make sure it’s for this year.

Let’s have some fun :)

Now there is nothing left, just to have fun.

Grab your calendar and your portable printer… take a moment to think about the important dates for this year, aaaaaaaaaand…

And start printing out little characters or things or to-do lists or notes for them.

Just use your creativity.

But let me give you a few examples to get your creative juices flowing. ;)

  1. Mondays - dragon

I don’t know about you, but I’m like Garfield a little bit… meaning I have a little problem with Mondays. But why not make the most out of this?

If you’re like me, then print some dragons with your printer, and stick them into your calendar (you can even get sticky PoooliPapers if you click here, so you won’t have to use glue)... and there you have it. There’s a cute little dragon looking at you every Monday. They will definitely make your day a little better.

  1. Friday - balloon

Yeah, I love Fridays. And I love balloons. So let’s pair them.

  1. Christmas - Christmas Tree
  2. Easter - bunny
  3. And so on.

It’s really up to you. Your creativity is the only limit of what you can do. ;)

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