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Best Printable Kids Calendar with Pocket Printer


It gives me chills just to remember.

My mom used to make us kids' calendars at the beginning of every year.

She made them by hand, and she even included little drawings and fun figures on the most important dates. (Birthdays, Christmas, etc.)

But those weren’t the main reason I fell in love with having a calendar. (Because, quite frankly, I fell in LOVE with having a calendar.)

The main reason was that it gave me a structure in my life.

Okay, when I was 9 years old, I didn’t really know that it gave me structure… I only knew that I had time for everything.

I always knew what was when.

And if I wanted to achieve something… I was way more likely to achieve it because I could make a little step-by-step plan in my calendar.

So this is the reason I tell nearly everyone to invest in a calendar. (The old lady at the corner shop must hate me by now because of this, though :()

But today I’m not going to tell you why YOU need a calendar…

I’m going to tell you why kids should have calendars, so they can live their best lives with them.

(So if you have a kid or are planning to have a kid or know someone who has a kid, or you are a kid, then… ahh, it’s a long sentence… then continue to read. ;))

But first:

Why Should Kids Use Printable Calendars?

They remember the big dates.

If they have their calendars, then they are way more likely to look at it… and if the important dates are in these calendars, then voilá… they’ll be far more likely to remember them.

But if you want to make sure… you can even include little reminders for them before the big dates (for instance mark a red X, and write “Halloween is coming” a week before Halloween, so they can start thinking about their costumes).

They can prepare for the big dates.

I kind of touched this point in the previous one, but it’s so important that it has to have its own point.

So basically… if they have an exam and they write it down in their calendar, then they are way more likely to remember it, so they are way more likely to prepare them. (And prepare them way in advance, and not the night before because that’s when it hits them that “Ohh, I have an exam tomorrow!”)

They can be more collected in general.

As I’ve said in my story… having a calendar helped me get my things together (because I knew exactly what I need to do when) and thanks to this, I was able to 1) be happier and 2) reach more of my goals.

Isn’t that we all wish our kids to achieve?

They are far more likely to reach their goals.

Again, I touched this in my previous point but let me explain. If you have a goal, then that’s great and everything, but it’s not enough to just have a goal to reach.

You need to have a PLAN on how you’ll reach it.

And this is where a calendar comes into place because thanks to this, you can break your goal down into smaller “bite-sized” steps… and then write these steps down in your calendar, and do them, and then… before you could even realize you have reached your goal. ;)

They get used to using a calendar.

Sounds like a small point, but it’s a really big one. If you start eating healthy and working out at a young age (in a healthy and balanced way!), then you are way more likely to be able to stick to this and have a healthy body even in your adult age.

This is the same with a calendar. If you start using it early in your life, then it’s more likely to stick and make your life better even in the long run. 

Easier to build important habits.

And thanks to two previous points… if they want to build out different habits, they’ll be more likely to make these habits stick if they actually write them down in their calendars and make a “step-by-step plan” on how to include these new habits in their lives.

How To Make An Amazing Printable Kids Calendar?

If what I told you before sounds great to you, and you want your kid (or any kid) to start using a calendar, then here’s what you need to do:

Just buy a regular calendar… and here comes my little secret:

Invest in a pocket printer. (You can take a look at them here: )

Thanks to these, you won’t need to do those little figures and drawings by hand… you can just easily print them out. ;)

This is way faster, easy and more fun this way. (Trust me, I tried both!)

And let me just give you a few ideas on what type of things you should print out, so your kids will absolutely LOVE using their printable calendars:

  1. Their favorite superheroes - on their Birthday
  2. Santa Claus - Christmas
  3. Bunny - Easter
  4. Animals - when you’re going to a zoo
  5. And so much more…

Your creativity is the only limit. ;)

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