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Printable Word Search Puzzles You Can Print

Your Favorite Game That You Don’t Even Know Of

Every single year… on January 1st, me and my family come together, and after we’re done with the usual: “Happy New Year!” to everyone, we sit down and…

We do a Word Search Puzzle.

Yeah, you heard it right.

A Word Search Puzzle.
word search puzzle

And we look for the first 3 words we find… and those words will describe your year. At least, that’s what we think.

Okay, it’s more like a fun family tradition than something that’s 100% serious but still. We have a lot of fun doing so.


This is not the only thing a Word Search Puzzle can be beneficial.

No way!

Let me tell you a little more about these games:

How These Printable Word Search Puzzles Can Make Your Life Better

First things first: 

  • They’re fun.

Really fun.

To be honest, I didn’t really do them before writing this article but I tried them out and… Oh my God, I had a lot of fun.

  • They’re REALLY fun.

Yeah, I seriously just made another point on how fun they are. Can you guess how much I enjoyed playing with these?

  • It can boost your brain.

As I told you, I did these for a few days for the sake of writing this article, and I already felt their power.

I felt like my brain works better. I could come up with good ideas faster. Even with quick witty replies when I talked to my friends. I remembered things better.

Of course, I didn’t do a real experiment, so I can’t say for sure that these work wonders… but I really think they do.

I don’t know how important this brain-boosting function is to you but listen to me.

Just try it out. You won’t look back. ;)

  • You can compete with each other.

It doesn’t matter if you compete with your partner or with a family member or even with a friend… as long as you’re playing with someone you’re good.

And this point curves back again to the fun part of this game but still… it’s just such a great time spending. Having fun with a person you like and boosting your brain & getting better while you’re doing it… name a better thing if you can.

FREE Sites You Can Download Printable Word Search Puzzles

Okay, if you’re interested in trying these games out (hell yes, you are!), then let me show you a site you can see these word search puzzles:

This is where I downloaded mine from.

Just simply click on the link, and then click on the “Print.” button on the bottom of the page and then start having fun. ;)

And here’s another one:

In this you can make your OWN games… so you can play them with your friends.

(Little tip: Make your own game and then start competing with your friends… of course, you’ll know every word, so it’s going to be quite easy for you, so you can brag about how awesome you are in front of them. I’m a really good friend, I know.)


Why Should You Print Out These Printable Word Search Puzzles

Okay, first: Because it’s in their names. Printable.

Okay, but for real:

  • It’s easier.

I don’t know about you, but I can read more easily from paper than from a screen. And this thing is even more true when it’s about puzzles and games. So yeah, in my experience, you’ll have more fun if you print these out.

  • You can tick out the words you have found.

Another great thing: You won’t keep finding the same word again and again. It sounds like a little thing but trust me… It’s a HUGE thing.

  • It can be easier for your eyes.

I’m not 100% sure about this one, but I keep finding that it’s easier for my eyes to read things from paper than it is to read from screens.

How To Print Out Your Printable Word Search Puzzles

Just grab your pocket printer (you have one, right?*), click on the “Print.” button on the website, and voilá… you can start playing. ;)

And there’s nothing left just to have fun.

Ohh, wait, there might be something:

*In case you don’t already have a pocket printer, listen here:

Get one.

For real.

I’m being honest here.

To be more exact: Get a PoooliPrinter.

l2 pocket printer

These wonder machines were made for you if you want to print out different puzzles, to-do lists, or even drawings.

They print in gorgeous quality (HD)*, so everything you’ll print out with them will look absolutely wonderful.

*Except for the PoooliPrinter L1!

They are portable, so you can just pick them up and even use them on the go.

And they’re even INKLESS*, so you won’t have to spend a dime on ink for them. ;)

*Except for the PoooliPrint A4!

Okay, if these sound great to you…

… then just click on this link and get yours today:

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