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Blog - How To Make Stickers With Pocket Printer – PoooliPrint

Stickers, stickers, stickers. How to make stickers with printer?

If you’re like me, there was a time in your life when you wanted to make stickers OF EVERYTHING.

I’m talking Christmas decorations, different cartoon characters, or just simple smiles to bright up your day.

Maybe that time is now.

(I kind of guess it’s now since… er… you’ve clicked on a blog that’s topic is stickers.)

And since I HAD a time like this (so I know a lot about this topic), and you are HAVING a time like this (you want to know a lot about this topic), why not work together?

Teamwork, you say? Teamwork, I say.

And it’s going to work like this:

I’m going to write things… a lot of things… for you.

And your task is to: read these things.

Okay, now let’s get to the writey-writey and the reading-reading part. How to make stickers with printer?

mini sticker from a thermal printer

Why Do You Need Stickers?

Tricky question, isn’t it?

Because you don’t need stickers… but they can definitely brighten up your day, make your home look more amazing, or even showcase your personality.

So, all in all, if I had to answer your question: 

Because with stickers you can make your life a little bit more exciting. And fun.

Isn’t that why we’re all here?

And here comes the next important question:

Okay, Okay, But HOW To Make These Stickers Look So Awesome I Won’t Believe My Eyes?

Okay, no one has ever asked this question like this… but it doesn’t mean you don’t want to find out the answer, so let’s roll with it.

So, how to make stickers with printer?
First things first, you need a Pocket Printer to make stickers.

If I were you, I’d take a look at this page:

Because these printers to make stickers are the best of the bests (in my humble but accurate opinion).

For starters, they print beautifully*. For real. Just take a look:

mini printer drawing print

*Except for the PoooliPrinter L1!

They are INKLESS*. This means you WON’T NEED TO SPEND A PENNY on ink. And even the environment will thank you for this. (Less ink = less pollution.)

*Except for the PoooliPrinter A4!

Plus, they’re FAST. And really easy to use.

Using these machines will feel like a charm. They are the ideal printer to make stickers.

And here we arrived at the answer to the question:

  1.  Find out what you want to print out. (I’m going to list some examples at the end of this article.)
  2. Open up your Poooli App. (If you don’t already have it, then you can just download it in 20 seconds. Here’s the link: )  
  3. Load up what you want to print.
  4. Click on “Print.”
  5. And now… you can feel whatever you just wanted to print out in your hands.

It was really easy, wasn’t it?

A Few More Tips (And Examples) For Your Stickers

The most important 

how to make stickers with printer

Use sticky paper rolls.

sticky paper rolls

This is because these are MEANT to be stickers. I mean, read their names: sticky. stickers. I think you get what I mean.

But if you need a little more explanation: For these, you don’t need glue to be able to stick them to something. You can just “stick” them to anything you’d like.

To your wall, laptop, mobile, diary… You name it.

And with these, we have arrived at another important question that needs to be answered:

Where Should I Put These Stickers?

Let’s go one by one:

On your walls.

Think about Christmas decorations. You just make a few stickers and put them on your walls, so your house will look better than ever!

Or - when it’s not Christmas - you can just print out different things that you think would look great in your house. Easy-peasy.

On your laptop.

For this, I’d make some stickers that represent your personality. For instance, if you’re into some sports, then… let’s make a sticker about it! I’m talking about a ball if you’re a footballer or things like this.

On your mobile.

This is kind of the same as with your laptop. Print out something that represents YOU. And thanks to this, you can always remember that thing every time you look at your phone…

And it’s even great because other people will ask you about it, so it’s even a great conversation starter. ;)

Into your diary.

Here, you can print ANYTHING. You can print stickers just to make your diary look better. Or stickers that have meanings, so every time you look at them, you’ll remember something. Really. Everything.

You can give them as a present.

You can even give stickers as presents. Just think about what you know about the person you want to give it to… and print out something that represents them. It’s going to be a really unique gift, so I’m 100% they’ll really like it! :)

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