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Choosing The Smallest Portable Printer – PoooliPrint

Bigger is better, right? Well, if you’re like most people the answer is… not really.

At least not in EVERY situation.

For instance, think about your phone.

Would you like to carry a 10 pounds telephone everywhere you go? To school, to work, to the gym, or even when you’re going on a vacation? 

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

And neither did Steve Jobs or any other person who has ever designed a phone… and this is the EXACT reason you’re able to buy pocket-sized, light-weighted phones that you can just pull out from your pocket and start to capture the world with it.


Phones ARE NOT the only things that might be better smaller than bigger.

There’s actually a quite new “invention,” that has conquered the world.

Smallest wireless printers.

Yeah, of course, you knew what I was going to say. I mean you’re reading an article which headline is “Choosing The Smallest Portable Printer.”

poooliprijnt world smallest printer

And since we are on the topic… let me show you which one of these wireless printers you should choose… 

I mean, ONLY if you want to have fun using it and start living and printing your best life with it. ;)

But first, let me answer your biggest question:

Why Should A Printer Be PORTABLE? 

This question would be fair enough if we were talking about a regular printer.

You know, the one you use to print different documents for work or school.

But right now, we aren’t talking about that… no way! We are talking about a different species of printers!

Smallest printers you can use to print out things like…

How-could-these-look-so-awesome? to-do lists:

poooliprinter to-do list printed

Beautiful drawings:

pocket printer for drawings

Useful notes:

notes printer for student

And… what else? Ohh, there’s actually NO LIMIT for what you can print with these! ;)

And I guess now, you start to get why this printer should be portable… Because it would kill the fun if you’d be dependent on a printer plugged into a wall EVERY time you want to print something awesome like the things above.

No, no, no way! 

We at PoooliPrint won’t let that happen with you! We are ALL for you, so we made sure that you can print all these awesome things ON THE GO.

And right now, we have arrived at the moment everyone was waiting for…

Let me introduce you to my pick for the Best Pocket-Sized Bluetooth Printer In The World:

The PoooliPrinter L2. :)

This small (but really compact) printer has EVERYTHING mentioned in this article… and as you can guess, you can even use it on the go. ,)

And when I say on the go, I mean it.


Imagine that you’re in Bali, and you just want to capture the beautiful scenery in front of you:

You can just get your phone into your hands, snap a picture, connect it to your PoooliPrinter (via Bluetooth), click on print, and as a *flick*...


That’s what I’m talking about!

But you can do the same things with notes, to-do lists, and everything you can just imagine!

And right now comes your next question…

But how big or heavy is it?

Thanks to its pocket-size and extremely lightweight, you can just put it in your pockets… and actually, forget about it!

Yeah, really.

(It’s size is: 3.25*3.25*1.5 inches / 83*83*38mm, and it’s weight is: 6 Oz / 170g.)

But let’s not stop at this, shall we?

You don’t even need to worry about its battery life because Poooli's portable pocket printer has a 24-hour battery pack.


We know how stressful it is to worry about if your smallest printer is going to work or not because of its batteries…

This is EXACTLY why we made sure that its battery lasts for as long as possible (24-hours) with a single charge!

So you can really just charge it once and forget about it for a whole day… and print everything you just want to print.

And this is the end because that was everything I could say abou-

Wait, what??! There’s more? OMG.

You are kidding with me… There’s no way that it’s actually…


What? It is?

You’re telling me that you don’t have to spend ANY money on ink?

Well, that’s right. :) 

Thanks to its ZeroInk© technology, you can print your favorite pictures or images WITHOUT the limitations of costly polaroid refills or expensive ink.

And thanks to this, you not only save your wallet… but actually help the environment! :)

And it’s not enough that you’ll feel good about helping Mother Nature, but you’ll actually feel good looking at your prints because this little machine…

Prints So Beautifully You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You’ll First Look At Them

This is thanks to its 300 DPI resolution that’ll make sure all of your prints will come out in stunning (HD) quality.

Really, just look at this picture of what you can do:

pocket hd photo printer


Okay, okay, everything sounds great…

But What Can You ACTUALLY Do With Them?

What a piece of luck!

I have *actually* wrote a whole blog post to answer this question!

You can just click here to read it.

Choosing The Smallest Portable Printer – PoooliPrint FAQ:

Is there a travel printer?

The poooliprint portable printer is a nice printer to print on the go. Its inventor created poooli to print travel journals.

Is a portable printer worth it?

The portable pocket printer Poooliprint l2 is convenient because you won't need ink and you can carry it everywhere. Learn moreabout its pros and cons.

Are there printers that run on batteries?

Portable pocket printers are a good alternative to our regular bulky office printer. The Poooliprint XL is a portable office printer that runs on a rechargeable battery.

Can I print from my phone?

You can print from your phone using the Poooli App. Just connect you portable printer via bluetooth to your phone and start printing.

How do I connect printer to WiFi?

You can connect a printer via wi-fi if it has a built-in wireless feature. A good alternative areportable pocket printers that connects via bluetooth.


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