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Portable Printer IPhone

If you’re looking for a portable printer for your iPhone, then THIS is the article you need to read.

If you’re looking for the best portable printer for
your iPhone… then you’ve reached your final destination. This is it. THIS IS
THE ARTICLE YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. So you can just go ahead and click this
link to get yours:



Still here?

Ohh, so you’re saying you want me to talk about why is
this the best portable printer you could ever wish for (if you have an iPhone)?

Okay, I’m game.

Let’s go then:

Introducing The
Best Pocket Printer For iPhone

I know I am very confident with my statements, but let
me prove them.

First things first, just so you have an idea, we are
talking about this printer:


Just look at it. It’s beautiful. Simple. Elegant. And
cute. Every time you take a look… you can’t help but fall in love with it, am I
right? Well, according to nearly every
person I’ve ever talked with (about this), I’m right. And it comes in four
colors, so you can be sure you’ll have it in YOUR style.

But its beauty is NOT everything… NO WAY!

There’s much much more for this little birdie printer.

Starting with…


Yes. It is portable.

Meaning, you DON’T have to plug it in to be able to
use it. You can just simply grab it, put it in your bag (or maybe even in your
pockets), and use it on the go.

Yes, you heard it right: On the go.

This is going to be your best friend if you want to
print things out last-minute… or want to print different photos out (maybe on a

You decide what you want to do with it. It’s going to
be there for you.

(This is thanks to its 24-hours battery life.)

Okay, and then let’s talk about-

But, but, but…
Is The Print Comes Out In Good Quality?

Ahh, yes. You ALWAYS ask what I’m about to just say!

So yeah, as I was about to say… Its quality is
Awesome. With a capital A. Thanks to its 300 dpi resolution everything you
print out will come in HD quality.

And you wouldn’t even believe…

How Easy It Is
To Use

And when I say it’s easy, I mean it.

But enough of the chitty-chat.

Let’s get into the action:

First, you take your PoooliPrinter into your hands and
enjoy a little bit how awesome it is to feel this little birdie’s surface. Its
quality is mesmerizing-

But enough!

We’re here to print.

So second, grab your iPhone, and open the app. (You
can go ahead and download it here if you don’t already have it: [a link that
goes to the Poooli App.])

Third: Click on what you want to print, and then…

Yeah, I told you it was this easy.

And now you can watch how FAST this little portable
printer prints out ANYTHING you’ve just wanted…

But let’s stay here for a moment…

What Can You Actually Print Out With This?

Okay, spoiler alert: everything.

You can nearly print
everything out with this. Your creativity is the only limit.


Let me just give you a few examples… just to get a

1. To-do lists

I know everyone, and their moms have heard that: “You
should use to-do lists!!!!!” so it has become a cliché. But… it’s a cliché
because it’s true.


Because if you use to-do lists, you don’t have to
“store” what you have to do in your brain… you can actually use it to do the
things you have to do. (An example: instead of always thinking about what are
you doing right now and then what you need to do next… you can actually focus
on the things you are DOING right now because you have written down what you
need to do later.)

And… with the help of our little portable printer,
you’ll not only print to-do lists that help you achieve your goals… but if you
use our premade templates, then these to-do lists will look so good, you’ll
become extra motivated.

(I know this sounds corny,
but try it out! It’s actually true.)

2. Notes

This one’s quite easy to understand. If you want to
leave notes for your loved ones, but you want them to have something more… then
print them out with a PoooliPrinter. It’ll give them that little something
extra that shows your partner you care deeply about them.

THING THAT SHOWS THIS! But it can be just that little something, that gives a
liiittle plus.)

What Can You Actually Print Out With This?

3. Photos

 Yeah, now we’re talking!

I’m quite sure you’re taking some photos with your
iPhone… so why not print them out (and put them on your wall or into your
diary), so you could watch them every day? These are your memories at the end
of the day…

Do you really want to have them on your phone (where
you don’t actually see them more than 3-5 times) or in a place where you can
see them everyday… without having to search for them?


4. And so much more!

When I said that your creativity is the only limit… I
meant it. You can do nearly EVERYTHING
with this little gadget of yours. ;)

But don’t just take my words… see what our customers
said about it:

“This is exactly as it
advertises to be. It works well, is easy to use, is lightweight and mobile.
Battery lasts a good length of time and a lot of printing can be done on a
single roll. I have used it for photos and bullet journaling. It's wonderful!”
- Daniel


“I love this thing, it works!
It makes labels and it makes photos. This would be the ultimate gift for a
crafter, teenager, busy mum, or anyone really!”
- Asha


… AND 259 MORE! Yeah, more than 260 people rated this
printer, and 93% of them said it was 5 starts OUT OF 5 STARS.

That must mean something.

But we even take another step ahead… and offer you a
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. ;)

Just click this link to get yours: