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Welcome to the Poooliprint App Page! Here we will tell you about the awesome features of our App.

So much more than a Printing App!

Try the FREE Poooliprint® App! From here you gain access to all the tools you need to edit and print your perfect photos. Whether you’re looking to create your ideal bullet journal aesthetic, take your scrapbooking to the next level, or even create your daily to-do list - the Poooliprint® App can do it all, and more!

Photo Printer & Photo Editing

First and foremost, the Poooliprinter App is there to help you print photographs quickly and easily. Unlike other apps though, with Poooliprinter you can edit them before you print without having to switch between different apps. You can add filters, change photo settings such as brightness and contrast, rotate and crop.

Not only that but you can split any image into several bands. This means that even though you’re limited to a printing width because of the printer compact size, you are still able to print full sized photos. Just simply line up the bands, and line them back up once you’ve printed. With the app you can be sure that your photo will line up seamlessly.

Print Text & Notes Editing

With the app you can print any text vertically or horizontally - perfect for adding headings to your bullet journal or scrapbook. The app also gives you the power to edit your text, by adding speech bubbles, stickers and even pictures.

Bonus Feature: QR Code Tool

Within the print text function, you can also print out a fully functional QR code, that when scanned takes you to any URL of your choice. Even more fun, is the ability to print a voice QR code. Just record your voice and print the code. When scanned it’ll take that person straight to your voice recording.

Document Printing - Including PDF, TXT and DOC

Whether it’s an important document you need to remember, or even a PDF of an image that you can’t convert to a JPEG, you can still print them with Poooliprinter. This is the perfect option to save all of your memories, as well as printing out key things to remember for your work diary. Just upload, and print.

Sticky Notes

No matter if it’s key things to remember, important phone numbers, or even song lyrics that struck you in a moment of inspiration - now you can print out and easily keep track of all of your important notes. There are even a number of beautiful frame templates available so you can be sure each note fits in perfectly with your journal, while still being functional.

Other great features

To-do Lists

Are you somebody who loves a to-do list? Now you can combine the ease of writing your daily list on your phone, with the functionality of having the printed list stuck in your diary. The Poooliprinter App even gives you access to a range of free to-do list templates, so you can be sure to find the look that best suits you.

Website Printing

Is there’s a recipe online that you really love and don’t want to lose? Or, perhaps you want to print out a section or a site to serve as inspiration for your blog or Instagram aesthetic? The App enables you to go to a website and choose to print the whole site, or just a selected section. Plus, you can even change the font size at your convenience.
Scanning and Printing

Do you have important documents and images that you want to print copies of, but don’t have them available on your phone? With the App you can scan literally anything you want to, and easily print it out. Please note that this is the only feature on the Poooliprinter App that requires the user to sign up.
Text Identification & Printing

Have you ever come across a piece of writing that you really want to save, but don’t want to spend the time copying the text out? Now you can let the App do the hard work for you. Scan an article (or any type of text really), and the app will type it up for you automatically. Then simply make any desired edits and print.
Bonus Hint: This function also works really well if you want to create effective (and easy on the eye) revision notes for school. 


Banners are the perfect addition to any scrapbook. The App makes it easy to horizontally print full height banners, so you can easily title each page (or photograph). A quick fix to make any page look eye-catching and artistic.

Access Your Poooli Personal Account Page

Finally, the Poooliprinter App gives you easy access to your own personal Poooliprinter account. From here you can keep track of your settings, print history, your print mileage and more!