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Welcome to #POOOLIPRINT🐤

While traveling, we love to take pictures to keep memories of our best life experiences. We used to have them printed into a photo book. However, it always takes forever to get a photo book done and delivered and this kind of happiness doesn't wait! We then decided to use polaroids but the camera is bulky and the refills are expensive.

POOOLIPRINT™ was created to offer a versatile printer to anyone looking to print anything on the go. PoooliPrinter™ makes one of the best full-width, inkless, high definition pocket printer in 2020. With its ZeroInk thermal printing technology there is no need for Ink and you can print as much as you want, the only limit being your creativity! 

"We hope that this handy pocket printer will enable you to express your unique creativity, be it for work, study, travel, arts and craft projects or just for fun!"

📸 We take photos everywhere we go. 
Smartphone cameras let us take advantage of every available picture opportunity from selfies to friends. With the right apps it's like having superpowers to edit the pictures, add things like borders or filters so it looks even better when we share our content on social networks. 
Sounds familiar?

💓 Stop missing your life!
Don’t you miss the feeling of having a love note hanging from your refrigerator or a physical photo to put in an album sometimes? Now you can instantly print anything with your PoooliPrinter™. Our pocket printers let you print out a small note to remind yourself, print a shopping list to carry with you, print a recipe to stick on the fridge, print contact details to give someone, print a love note, print artwork and more! Pick from a variety of templates for any occasion. 

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