How a Portable Printer Can Help In Your Studies

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How a Portable Printer Can Help You In Your Studies – PoooliPrint

I think I don’t take too much risk if I guess that you are a student.

Or a parent who wants their kid to study as easy as possible.

Either way, you probably know how much effort it takes to learn things… and it’s not enough that you have to learn them, but you have to actually know the subject…

Because you have to give the right answers in those *heart-warming* and *beautiful* tests.

Ahh, how much I miss school! (Just kidding, if I wasn’t obvious enough.)

But you don’t have to fear anymore!

Because in this blog, I’m going to help you make studying as easy as possible! With a little bit of help from our secret guest. ;)

poooli study

Ready? Let’s go!

So my first tip for you is to…

Take Notes

Yeah, I know, I know.

You’ve heard this thing like a thousand times. But guess what. You heard this thing FOR A THOUSAND TIMES… because it's true.

It helps.

And it helps because of a few things.

You need to be active to be able to take notes.

Because if you don’t take notes, then you are in “passive mode.” Meaning, you are kind of listening… but it is very easy for you to “snap out” from the present moment and start to think about something else… for instance, what to do after class, or which party will you go to.

On the other hand, if you take notes, then you are LISTENING. You are actively writing down the things… and you are making sure you don’t miss a thing because then you wouldn’t know what to write and how to continue your notes.

And if you are this active in a class, then guess what…

It’s going to be WAY easier to learn.

You have a structured note in front of you.

Again, it’s quite simple.

It’s way easier to learn from a structured note (which has been structured BY YOU) than it is to learn from a book.

I know you know.

Okay, okay.

Now you know WHY you should make notes.

But let me tell you…

How To Make Your Notes Look As Good As Possible

- So Learning From There Will Go From “Aaaarrrg, I Have To Learn Again!” To “Yess, I Can’t Wait To Start!”

It’s a strong statement, I know. But if you follow my lead, it’s going to be your reality.

Okay, first things first.

It helps if your handwriting looks good. But it’s not a necessity, though.

What’s necessary is the next: Be structured.

Instead of writing long sentences, you should just write down a few words that’ll help you remember.

And THIS IS where a portable printer for studies can help you tremendously.

Because your note's goal isn’t to write down EVERYTHING. It’s to make sure you can learn the subject as easily as possible.

And with a portable inkless printer for studies, you can do just that.

For instance, instead of writing down: “In 1503, he started painting Mona Lisa.” you could just print out a Mona Lisa painting and write 1503 under it.

Just imagine which one is easier to remember.

Okay, maybe right now you think both are easy. But what if you’d have to learn 100 other paintings as well?

Then this option would make your studying 100x times easier. Trust me… I’m speaking from experience.

With that said, let’s look at other examples.

Because, of course, photos can help… but what else?


You wouldn’t have to draw everything over and over again, you could just print them out with the help of your portable mini printer. This tip is EXTREMELY helpful for math or for biology (when it’s about the human body).


Yeah, everyone’s favorite. (I’m rolling my eyes just so you know.) But with a timeline, you could learn History waaaay easier than ever before.

Language cards

This is what I did when I started learning Spanish. Just print the word in one language to one side, and then the same word in the other language for the other side, and you can start learning.

And so much more…

Your creativity is the ONLY limit ahead of you. Really.

But there’s something else I want to tell you about:

Use Different Paper Rolls To Max Out Your Learning Experience

Here, at PoooliPrint, we want you to be done with your “homework” as soon as possible, so you can start doing things you love sooner.

And this is (partly) why we offer you a ton of different paper rolls, so making notes will be as easy as never before!

For instance, with our sticky paper rolls, you won’t have to search for glue… you can just stick this paper in your notes!

poooliprint for student

Or we even have STICKY, colored paper rolls, so you can make your notes look even better.

Learning from these notes will not only be easier… but you’ll also enjoy them so much more!

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