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Printable Bathroom Art Ideas

It’s so good that I have a personal story for almost all of our articles.

So yeah, we have just finished the renovation of our house, so trust me when I say: I know a couple of things about designing a new home.

And when I say designing, I mean: How to make your home look as awesome as possible with spending as little money as possible.

And one of the MOST important parts of the house is the bathroom.


For a few reasons…

Why The Bathroom Is The MOST Important Part Of Your Home?

You use it every single day.

Okay, this one is true for nearly every one of the rooms but still. The most personal space in your house is the bathroom. This is the place where you put on your makeup. Where you shower. This is where you come if you take a look at yourself.

So why not make it look as cozy & awesome as possible?

Your guests will judge you based on this.

Nearly everyone you invite over is going to use your bathroom. And since they’ll be alone… they’re going to look around. (I mean, look at the walls and things like this.)

And they are going to paint a picture of you based on your bathroom. So make sure this picture looks as good about you as you deserve it. ;)

This is the place to relax.

Not just your guests, but you will be alone here as well. And when you’re alone, you can relax. You can let go of the expectations you feel you need to meet when you’re around others. You are alone. Just by yourself. And this is relaxing. Why do you think the best ideas come to you when you’re in the shower?

Because you’re fully relaxed.

But… I think it’s way better to relax in a place that looks great rather than in a place that doesn’t look good.

Okay, now I think we both agree: You have to make sure your bathroom looks as good as possible.

How To Make Your Bathroom Look As Good As Possible?

Use printable bathroom arts!


They look really good. (They’re clean yet elegant!)

Yeah. They really do. Your bathroom will look really awesome thanks to them. And another really important thing: They are the type of designs that will make your bathroom look really modern WITHOUT being too much. Really. Others will only think: “How can this looks so great?” and no one will think that it’s too much.

This is because they’re fun. Light-hearted. And simple.

They are cheap.

You can make them yourself from scratch (just follow what I’m about to tell you!), so you can make sure you save as much money as possible!

You design them.

You’re the one who makes them. So yeah, everything is under YOUR control. So your bathroom will look exactly like how you want it to look. ;) AND…

And thanks to this, you can even express your identity with these. You can showcase your personality. And you can laugh as much as you want at them if you decide to make some funny bathroom art. ;) (I’ll show you examples at the end of this article!)

They’re easy to replace.

What is the biggest problem with renovating? That you want to do it over and over again. Because after a while… your arts will become boring to you… your flowers become boring to you. So, of course, you will want to change them.

And this is another huge benefit of using printable bathroom art since they’re easy & cheap to do, so you can replace them as frequently as you just want to!

Okay, now let’s get into the juicy stuff!

4 Printable Bathroom Ideas For You By… Me ;)

The funny ones.


These are a sure way to bring a smile to your (and your guests) faces every time you walk into the bathroom. These are easy to make, they’re fun and light-hearted. The perfect ones if you ask me.

The artistic ones.

These are for you if you’re into art. If you like minimal yet elegant things.


You can even make some motivating bathroom arts for yourself. This is a sure way to leave the bathroom with a new sense of motivation each time, so you can be sure you’ll finally get that thing done you really wanted to do! :)

The simple ones.


Yeah. This is for you if you don’t like to overthink things. You just want something there. Something simple. (You see what I did here with this explanation?)

How To Make These Printable Bathroom Ideas Look As Awesome As Just Possible?

First, use a PoooliPrinter.

This is because these wonder machines were MADE to print out gorgeous bathroom arts.

They print in beautiful (HD) quality, so everything you’ll print out with them will look so great you won’t believe your eyes.*

*Except for the PoooliPrinter L1!

They are INKLESS because we wanted to make sure you don’t have to spend any money on ink!*

*Except for the PoooliPrint A4!

They’re portable, and you can even use them on the go!

(So yeah, if you want to print out some bathroom art ideas on your way to Las Vegas on the highway… by all means, do it! Except if you are the one who is driving… then please don’t print while you’re driving.)

And we even hook you up with our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! :)

So yeah, if this article sounded interesting to you and you don’t already have a PoooliPrinter, then just click here to get yours:

Okay, now you have your PoooliPrinter.

Now, just take a look at the examples I gave you (or you can even come up with new ideas!), and… just print them out.

I told you it was going to be really easy and fun!

And now, there’s nothing else than to hang them up in your bathroom, and…

And yeah, that’s it! Enjoy your new bathroom! ;)

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