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Custom Bookmark Ideas with Mini Printer – PoooliPrint

Just imagine: 

You grab your favorite book and start stepping towards your favorite place to read.

I don’t know what it is for you, but for me, it’s the next:

You’re at a castle.

And there is a library inside of it.

In this library, if you pull out a book from one of the shelves, a secret door opens.

Behind this door, there are stairs that lead you up to a tower.

And in this tower, there’s a place made for reading. There are some bookshelves here but what’s important is this:

The floor is full of cozy mattresses, and once you sit onto them, there isn’t a pose that’d be uncomfortable. So you sit down here.

There’s a window next to you, and if you look outside, you see that it’s raining. Just perfect.

Of course, you brought some apple pie with you, and you take a bite.

And now, you open up your book and start immersing yourself in the world in front of you. You feel as you’re inside the book. And it’s an awesome feeling.

(For the record: I just imagined this place. This isn’t my regular reading place. Sadly.)

castle in sunset

If you followed me on the adventure I just told you, then you’ll love what’s about to come!

But first, let me answer a very important question:

Why Is It Good To Read?

Easy. Peasy.

You get new ideas.

Okay, I know, most of the books aren’t based on reality. BUT! They’re written by real humans, so there can be some really awesome ideas in them. This is how I got the idea for the beginning of this article. This place was in a book I’ve read (sadly, I forgot its name :().

You live 1000 lives instead of just one.

Yeah, really. If you read different fantasy books or some biographical books, then you can get immersed in different people's lives. You feel their fears, their happiness. You get to know how they got through their obstacles. You can even feel their love towards someone.

You start to write better.

It’s quite self-explanatory. If you read a lot, you unconsciously start to write better.

You became more educated.

Just think about it. The more you read, the more educated you become. Again, you can live 1000 lives instead of just one. That’s way more experience than what you’d have if you wouldn’t read.

You start to think outside of the box.

Thanks to these experiences you get from books, your mind starts to work better. You start to think outside of the box. You start to see opportunities in things others see nothing. It’s a real power, so treat it as such.

journal spread

And with this, we really get to today’s topic:

Start Using Bookmarks :)

diy bookmark

First, a few reasons WHY you should use these:

You know where you were in the book.

I don’t want to waste a lot of words here because it’s quite easy. If you put a bookmark where you were, then you’ll know exactly where you were. Yeah, that’s it.

You can express your identity with one.

Now we’re getting to the real stuff. With a bookmark, you can express yourself. What you like. Why do you like that. For instance, if you’re into Game Of Thrones, then you can make a bookmark featuring Tyrion (and his famous: “That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.”)

It can be a great conversation starter.

If you aren’t in our super-secret tower but let’s say, for example, in your school, then it can even be a great conversation starter. Okay, for this, it doesn’t hurt if you actually like to talk to others, but hey! It’s better to have an option and not take it than it is to not have an option.

And with this, we get to the most important thing of today:

How To Make Your Bookmark Look So Great You Can’t Help But Smile Every Time You Look At It?

diy bookmarks poooliprinted

Again, easy.

Use a mini printer. ;)

More exactly: use a PoooliPrinter.

These were designed to print different creative things. Just as bookmarks.

Okay, if you have your portable printer, then let’s get to it:

First, design your bookmark. Use your creativity.

Who you are? What do you like? Things like these.

Next: Open up your Poooli App, load your design, and start printing.

And now: Your printable bookmark is in your hands, and you can start to take over the world with it. Or just start to read. Whatever you choose. :)

And… you can even make MORE printable bookmarks, oooooor you can even make bookmarks and give them as presents.

If you have a friend who loves to read, then they are going to become really happy! :)

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