PoooliPrinter VS. Paperang Pocket Printer

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PoooliPrinter VS. Paperang Pocket Printer

Comparing Poooli and Paperang

Inkless pocket printers are the gadget of the moment!

From photographers, to bullet journalists and everybody in between - the pocket printer is the gadget of the moment for anyone who has a creative outlet.

But with so many on the market, (and so many different aspects to consider) how do you know which is the best pocket printer for your needs?

To help make the decision easier for you, we’ve compared our PoooliPrinter L2 Instant HD, against one of the equivalent market printers, the Paperang P2. While both pocket printers produce images with the same high print quality (300dpi), the PoooliPrinter has a few other tricks up its sleeve that helps it stand out from the crowd.

paperang or poooliprint

1 - Printing Width

The Poooli L2 is our top of the range model, the main reason being that it prints at a massive (for a portable pocket printer) 54mm. The Paperang P2, on the other hand, only prints at 48mm (source:www.paperang.com/) - the same width as the Poooliprinter lower range model, the L1. This wider print width is an added bonus for anyone in the market for a pocket printer, but particularly those with a passion for photography. The PoooliPrinter allows you to print your images and show them off in a larger size, and more detail.

Difference between poooliprint and paperang

2 - Paper Rolls

Half the fun of a pocket printer is getting to choose from different eye-catching papers to elevate your images and designs. The PoooliPrinter L2 comes with a wide variety of unique and different paper rolls, so you can be sure to pick the perfect background for every image you wish to print. While their white printer paper comes as standard, you have the choice of numerous colors, patterns and even transparent paper options. On the other hand, while the Paperang does come with 5 vibrant and exciting color choices, your choice is limited to that.

poooliprint paper rolls options

 3 - Color Options

One of the main uses of a pocket printer is to help you express your creativity. So why should you be limited to just black and white with your printer color? Compared to the Paperang (which does have a quirky camera-like design), the Poooliprinter comes with 4 great color choices (yellow, pink, green and blue), so you can be sure your printer matches perfectly with the rest of your aesthetic.

colorful pocket printer

4 - Detachable Beak

Finally, if you’re looking for a pocket printer that offers more versatility than simply printing photos, then the PoooliPrinter L2 might be a better choice for you over the Paperang. It also features a detachable beak (that comes in multiple color options) that doubles as a magnet or a card holder. This gives you the abilities to easily display your photos, to-do lists and work on multiple surfaces.

poooliprint detacheable beak

Thermal Printer Paper FAQ: 

What are the disadvantages of a thermal printer?

While thermal printers does not require ink, they need special thermal paper to print on. However, thermal paper is very inexpensive compared to the cost of ink.

How can I use my phone as a thermal printer?

With Poooliprint mini printers you can turn your phone into a portable photo printers in seconds. Just connect your poooli printer to your phone via bluetooth and start printing.

How much does a mini photo printer cost?

The world's smallest photo printer is named the Poooliprinter L1 and it only cost $59.95.

How do I connect my phone to my Bluetooth thermal printer?

To connect your phone to your Poooliprint bluetooth thermal printer, simply open thePoooli app and click on connect. From there, you can tap on the printer you would like to connect.

Do thermal printers print color?

Thermal printer work with a reactive thermal paper which contains a chemical-free pigment that reacts to the heat. This thermal paper is usually mono-chrome and therefore most thermal printers cannot print in colors.

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Thermal Printer Paper FAQ: 

Can printers print with Bluetooth?

Printers such as portable wireless printers can connect to your phone via bluetooth.

How can I print from my iPhone?

You can instantly print from your iPhone using a portable inkless printer such as the Poooliprint printer. Simply download the Poooli app and connect to your pocket printer to start printing.

What is the smallest portable printer available?

The world's smallest printer is the Poooliprint L1 Poooliprint L1 pocket thermal printer. It will fit in the palm of your hand.

How do you travel with a printer?

If you are planning to use your printer during your next vacation or an upcoming business trip, you can get a portable printer to travel. Learn more aboutPoooliprint portable office printers.

How much does a portable printer cost?

The world's smallest photo printer is named the Poooliprinter L1 and it only cost $59.95.

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