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How to Design & Print a Business Card – PoooliPrint

Just imagine:

You are standing in front of your broken washing machine.

There is no way in hell you’re going to fix it. I mean, you’ve been trying with that for the last couple of hours. But has there anything even remotely good happened since you started? No, it didn’t.

You could scream. As you are about to step outside to get some fresh air, a paper falls down from your pockets…

You look down, and you see a… business card?

As you look at it, you start to remember. A few years ago, one of the friends of your friend gave it to you, because he was a… mechanic?

How the hell did this little paper stay in your pants for so long? 

But it doesn’t matter now… because as you’re about to start looking closer you find yourself smiling a little.

Because this little business card clearly states: “Your washing machine broken? Have no fear because I am here to fix it. Simply call: …”

Just what you needed right now.

You start to dial the number, and you hear a familiar voice: “Hello?”

You know you’re saved.

The next thing you know is everything’s done. This mechanic really knew his thing, and your washing machine works better than ever.


This little story showed the answer to the most important question:

journaling and crafts

Why Would You Need a Business Card… In The 21st Century?

But let me explain this to you in more detail:

They can reach you fast

Most people are kind of… lazy. They much rather just look at a paper and call a number than look up different options on the internet.

They have already heard of you (or even talked with you)

This is even more true if they’ve even met you. (I mean, in what else way could they get your business card?)

Or, if you have been introduced to them by one of their friends… then they have probably already thought of you as a trustworthy person, so they MUCH MUCH rather call you up than someone who they don’t even know.

They can give your card to THEIR friends

Yeah, it’s the logical next step. This can either happen because 1) they have already called you and have your number, or 2) they don’t have the problem you solve, but one of their friends have it, so they give your card to them.

Okay, okay, and now we have arrived at the most important thing:

How To Make Your Business Card Look Irresistible AND How To Make It Long-Lasting?

So, first things first:

Your business card should be of good quality. I mean it represents YOU. You don’t want others to think that you’re lazy, do you? It’s your personal brand at the end of the day.

Second, it should be long-lasting. Think back to the story I told you.

If the business card weren’t long-lasting, you couldn’t call the number… and there wouldn’t be a happy ending there. :(

It should represent you. If you’re elegant, make your card look elegant as well. if you’re fun… give some fun edge to your card, use some fun colors. I think you get it.

And, of course, it should include a way for them to how to reach you (i.e. number, website, etc.)

So by just a look at your business card, they will know 1) who you are 2) what you do 3) you’re good at what you do, and 4) how to reach you.

Okay, and now…

What Type Of Paper Should You Use So Your Business Card Will Tick Off All The Things I’ve Just Said?

My general answer: A PoooliPaper. Because all of them are REALLY GOOD quality. They’re water-resistant. Oil-proof. Scratch-proof. And looks beautiful. And they will all last for a long long time to come.

But, if you want some specific answers:

If you’re more that “elegant” type of person, then go for this one:

thermal paper rolls

This is our OG paper. It’s elegant. Classy.

But if you’re more of the fun type of person, then just give a chance to these:

colored thermal paper rolls

Which Printer Should I Use To Print Business Cards?

If you want the best results: Use the PoooliPrinter XL.

poooliprinter xl

Its quality is awesome. It’s inkless. It’s portable. Basically… it’s everything you just need.

Because everything you print out with this will look so gorgeous, everyone will know that you are serious. Serious about yourself. And this is what they search for when they want to hire you or work with you.

Plus, we even give you a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee because we are so confident in this printer. ;)

How To Print Business Cards?

Okay, now you know why you need a business card… and what that business card should do. (Plus, you know which paper and printer you should use.)

But let’s get down to business if you will. (Pun intended.)

How to make your business card:

First, design it. Use the knowledge I have given you in this article for what should be on it.

Second: Open your Poooli App, load your design, turn on your PoooliPrinter, and… easy: click on “Print!”

And there’s no other thing for you now just to give your card to different people… and let those calls come in. :)

This was my Business Cards Printing 101. See you next time. ;)

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