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Looking For a Pocket Printer? The PoooliPrinter is Your Best Option.

Pocket printers are the must have gadget of the moment. From bullet journalists, to photographers, and everyone in between - anyone with a creative flair is searching for the perfect pocket printer, to help them with their projects.

Pocket printer for student

However, as with any popular gadget, it can be difficult to know which is the best printer for your needs. To help make sure you choose the right pocket printer, we’ve put together 4 reasons why you should choose a Poooli Printer. Here are some poooliprint ideas. 

1 - Take Your Scrapbooking and Journaling to the Next Level

The L1 Poooli Printer has been designed with scrapbookers and journalists in mind. Small, stylish, and much cheaper to use regularly than a digital printer Poooli Printers stand out from other inkless printers on the market.

The L1 is the perfect choice for those who use journaling as their creative outlet as it comes with its own app, making it easy to select and print any image you choose, poooliprint ideas for journaling are limitless. You can use the app to print anything you wish - from your favorite photos to screenshots of to-do-lists. The only limit to how you use your Poooli Printer is your own creativity.

scrapbooking pocket printer

2 - Easily Print High Quality Photographs

If your passion is photography, then the L2 Poooli Printer is the best choice for you. With a higher print quality, and wider print margins than the L1, this pocket printer is the fastest and easiest way to print your favorite shots.

The L2 comes with a wide variety of different paper rolls, so you can be sure to pick the perfect background to highlight and show off your chosen images. Plus, you can print them anywhere at any time, so you’ll never have to miss an opportunity again.

HD thermal printer

3 - Personalize and Customize Your Belongings

When it comes to paper choices, Poooli Pocket Printers are unique. While their white printer paper does come as standard, you’re not limited to one background. You can choose from numerous colors, patterns and even transparent paper options

This huge choice means you can personalize your belongings with unique and personal images that still fit in with any style. Whether it's your journal cover, laptop case or water bottle - Poooli printers are the ideal choice to easily update anything and everything.

mini images printer

4 - Make Easy and Decorative labels

Finally, Poooli Pocket Printers aren’t just for images. One more poooliprint idea is to create fun labels that will help you keep your home, office and even school work organized. The sticky back papers come in a wide range of colored backgrounds, and will even last for 10 years, so you don’t have to compromise on quality or aesthetic. It’s the easy way to create the organization system you’ve been dreaming of.

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For a limited time only, each Poooli Printer comes with a free paper roll. This means you can print up to 100 pictures for free! Don’t miss out and buy your pocket printer from Poooli today.

Looking For a Pocket Printer? The PoooliPrinter is Your Best Option. FAQ:

What is a scrapbook printable?

A scrapbook printable is a printer illustration. It can be printed from your phone using a portable pocket printer.

How do I print a scrapbook page?

If you re into scrapbooking, the poooli pocket printer is your best option. You can use from 35+ types of paper rolls to print your scrapbook pages.

Can you print digital scrapbook pages?

To printout digital layout in various format, you can use the Poooli pocket printer. Paired to your phone thanks to the Poooli App, it will make your digital scrapbook printing very convenient.

What printer is good for arts and crafts?

If you want to print art and crafts, the Poooliprinter L1 is a good option. You can print files from your phone straight to your printer and there is no need for ink!

Can you put scrapbook paper in the printer?

You cannot use scrapbook paper in a regular printer. However if you are looking for scrapbooking printers, you can use a portable pocket printer and choose from a wide range of thermal paper. Some thermal papers are similar to scrapbook paper such as the semi-transparent paper.


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