The XL Pocket Printer Is Perfect For Your Small Business

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The XL Pocket Printer Is Perfect For Your Small Business

Host for this blog article: Sara Shields

About The Author

Hi readers, my name is Sara! My background is in graphic design, visual arts, and video editing. I’ve always had a strong desire to challenge myself, learn new creative outlets, and expand my toolbox. Throughout all the different mediums I’ve experimented with I’ve always loved making digital illustrations. I dreamed of one day opening a shop to sell my vector artwork and I’m excited to share that day has come. My print shop,, is officially open!


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However, let’s jump back in time and I can tell you about how I first learned of Poooliprint and how the XL Pocket Printer is the perfect tool for my small business. The timing was unbelievably perfect — I was researching shipping label printers in the morning, and then in the afternoon my coworker told me about Poooliprint, and right away I knew it was exactly what I was looking for! The XL Pocket Printer had a lot of selling points for me such as, the compact size, the price, and it’s ability to be used for a variety of printing needs.

poooliprinter XL

XL Pocket Printer Is The Perfect Size

The XL Printer is 5.5” x 3.6” x 1.7” making it the perfect size for printing a standard 4 x 6” shipping label, while also being small and compact so it fits nicely on my desk or can even fit in my purse if I ever needed to print on the go.

xl pocket printer

Margins In Mind

There are a lot of costs that go into starting a small business. It was important to me to keep my margins low while still maintaining a high-quality output for my art prints and packaging material. I felt the XL Pocket Printer and Sticker Paper fit within my budget especially since these printers are ink-less. I love the fact that I do not need to worry about constantly buying ink. Additionally, since these printers can be used for multiple purposes besides just shipping labels, I felt the XL Printer was a great price-point for all my needs.

poooli xl pocket printer for small business

A Pocket Printer For All Your Needs

The Poooliprint App and variety of paper options truly gives you the flexibility to use this printer for a variety of different use cases. I planned to use my XL Printer for not only my shipping labels but to print custom stickers for my packaging too. Since this printer is BlueTooth it makes uploading new sticker designs and shipping labels extremely quick and easy.

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