How to Print Product Labels at Home

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How to Print Product Labels at Home – PoooliPrint

If you’ve ever seen a product (and if you’re a human in the 21st century, I kind of guess you did), you always notice something on it.

A product label.

And it’s not a coincidence. Okay, of course, you NEED to include a product label for most cases for legal reasons… but these labels can do so much more than that.

thermal printed labels rolls


In this blog, I’m going to show what can these labels do, as well as how to print labels to be so gorgeous that your customers are going to buy your products like cupcakes.

(And I’m even going to tell you which printer should you use. ;))


Awesome, then let’s get into it.

But first:

Why Would You Even Want To Print Product Labels?

Nice question. But sadly, I don’t know-


I tricked you.

Of course, I know the answer. Answers, if I want to be precise because there are 2 reasons:

For legal reasons

For a lot of cases, you NEED to include a product label, and you have to include a few things about the products on them. Okay, this was the “boring” one.

For personalization

THIS IS THE EXCITING ONE. And this is, quite frankly, the one a LOT of people don’t do… which is bad for them, and GREAT for you because this gives you a little edge. ;)

But what can you include here?

You can write a little text for them. Use humor. Showcase your brand’s (or personal brand’s) personality. Tell the story of your customers. Anything. Just give that “little plus” that makes your customers fall in love with your brand even more.

You can even include drawings or photos. Again, with these, show the personality of your brand. Show that you care. That you aren’t just “another big corporation” but a friendly business run by people who care. And trust me, you’re going to receive so much love you won’t even believe it.

Okay, now you have a basic idea of WHAT TO INCLUDE on your product labels.

But let me show you WHAT YOU NEED to print labels at home.

january journal spread with pink poooliprinter

What Do You Need To Print Out The World Best Product Labels?

Quite easy.

You need a printer.

But not just a regular printer.

No way!

You should use a printer that was designed for this. To print different creative things and make these prints look as awesome as possible.

If you were to ask ME, I would say this one is your best bet:


This was MADE for you if you want to print different product labels.

You can print in different sizes with it.  It prints in extremely sharp (HD) quality, so your customers will know you actually CARE about your products (and about them).

Just see this for yourself:

poooliprint xl snailmail

It’s INKLESS, so yeah… you won’t need to spend any money on ink. 

People LOVE it. And when I say LOVE it, I mean it. Its rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars, and people are saying things like:

“It is amazing I use it for shipping labels and for large prints I don’t use my actual printer anymore it is amazing to not waste ink anymore.” - Heide

“Really happy with the product. Using it to print summary worksheet and I also printed some USPS shipping labels and it's super simple to use!” - Kenneth

(Plus, we even give you a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee because we are so confident in this printer. ;))

It’s even portable, so you can just easily use it on the go.

And, ah, about using it…



Let’s see it for yourself:

The Process Of Printing Out Your Product Labels

First, you need to make the design. This is up to you… you can even hire someone if you’d like. (But you can even edit in our Poooli App.)

Second, open the Poooli App. (If you don’t already have it, just click here to download it: LINK)

Third, turn on your PoooliPrinter.

Fourth: Inside of your app, load your design

Fifth: Click on “Print!”

And there you have it. Your brand new - and awesome-looking - product labels are in your hands.

Just A Tip - Because I Really Like You

And, as a present for reading this long, I’d like to give you a little tip.

Use our STICKY papers.

You can easily find them on this page.

But why?

Because they are STICKY. You can just whip out their backs and stick them on your products. It’ll save you a LOT of time, trust me.

And outside of these, they are water-resistant. Oil-proof. And scratch-free. Just what you need for your product labels.

Okay, so if everything sounds great to you, then there’s no other thing, then… just go ahead and do your own product labels.

You’ll have a lot of fun doing it! But more importantly… these labels are going to turn out amazing if you follow what I was saying. :)

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