Printable Crossword Puzzles: Where to Find and How to Print?

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Printable Crossword Puzzles: Where to Find and How to Print?

“I’m doing a crossword puzzle every day now.”

Those were my sister’s words when I asked her what she was doing.

Turns out she saw a video somewhere that explained why it is so great to do a crossword puzzle every day, so she gave it a try.

And she didn’t look back ever since.

“Yeah, it’s in her morning routine.” - laughed her husband. “She makes a coffee, sits down, does her crossword puzzle for the day, and then her day can start.”

This is where I got really curious.

You should know that my sister is the most adventurous person I know of.

And she really can’t sit in one place for more than 5 minutes… 

So naturally, if I hear that something is able to make her sit in one place for more than that, I know that thing is powerful.

(The last “thing” like this was the Game Of Thrones series, and we all know how powerful that was.)

And since I’m in a stage in my life where I want to try out new habits to see what sticks, you know I had to give it a try…

So, there was I… with a pen in my right hand and a crossword puzzle right in front of me, and there was no looking back.

Let me tell you why.

Why Is It Good To Do Crossword Puzzles?

It’s fun.

Okay, the most important thing: It’s fun. Yeah, it is. I didn’t believe it either until I finally tried it out. But it’s REALLY fun, though. It’s challenging to think about the words… and when there’s a challenge, there’s a reward. And that feeling when you’re finally able to solve the puzzle… ahh… worth every moment. It makes you feel like a winner.


You can even play it with your friends, and let me tell you… It’s even more fun that way!

It can improve your memory.

It works your brain. You have to THINK. You have to remember. It makes you feel sharp. And it can improve your memory.

You know more words.

Of course… If you do more crossword puzzles, you eventually meet with more words, and thanks to this… you know more words. So you can start talking more eclectically. (See what I did there? ;))

You can brag.

It’s a big one, trust me. YOU CAN BRAG THAT YOU WERE ABLE TO SOLVE A CROSSWORD PUZZLE ALL ON YOUR OWN. Once you’ve tried out a crossword puzzle, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You find out what was the joke.

In most cases, when you’re done with a crossword puzzle, you find out what the joke was about. (Basically, there is a joke in most of these puzzles, and if you solve them, you can get the whole story.)

You can brag. - again

Yeah, it’s that powerful that I HAD to include it again… you can even make little competitions between your friends on who is able to solve the puzzle faster. ;)

But Where Can You Get These Printable Crossword Puzzles?

Now, this is my favorite part… because they’re FREE.

One site you can download them for free is this:

They make new crossword puzzles every day, so you can make sure you have a new one each day. ;)

And another site I found was this one: 

What Do You Need To Start Solving Printable Crossword Puzzles?

Okay, if you are interested in starting, then let’s go!

First, you need a crossword puzzle. Just check out the websites I listed for you in the previous point.

Okay, now you have your puzzle, so let’s get that bad boy into your hands. For this, we need a printer.

If I were you, I’d definitely use a PoooliPrinter XL for this.


Because it’s portable (so you can use it wherever you just want to - on Vacation, during a trip, etc.), it has great print quality (HD), so you can make sure that every word you print out will be visible (it’s a very important thing!), and it’s even INKLESS, so you won’t have to spend any money on ink. 

(If you print out a crossword puzzle every day, then this little thing could mean a lot of money to you. ;)

As for what type of paper you should use… I think the regular white and simple PoooliPaper would just do it. (More information about this one here:

Now you have your printable crossword puzzle in your hands.

Okay, you can act like a superhero and start solving it in your brain (very hard), or grab a pen or pencil and start doing it like a normal person (intermediate level).

There’s Nothing Else, Than Just To… Solve It! ;)

Okay, then I think my work is done here. Let’s go and do it, my friend!

You’ll enjoy it, I’m pretty sure about that.

(And if you need just a little motivation, then just think about how much you can brag with it!)

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