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Shop Poooliprint printers from Amazon

Why Shop Poooliprint Printers from Amazon?

Are you unsure whether or not to buy from ? Well, worry not. Our products are now available to purchase from the world renowned e-commerce website

You can search for Poooliprint on Amazon and will find some of the deals already available on our main Poooli website.

Let’s cover why the official PoooliPrint Amazon Store is you go-to store when it comes to purchasing Poooli print products on Amazon. 

poooliprint amazon store


Amazon is open to many resellers but while most of them are good, you cannot trust all of them. There are some with lower ratings that will come with problems like late delivery, lost packages and more. Even with all of Amazon’s preventive measures, you may get in trouble if you do not purchase from a trusted seller.

However with the official Poooliprint Amazon store, whether you buy sticky paper rolls or a printer, you will get an amazing purchase experience since all of our order are fulfilled by Amazon. You can also count on our customer support team if you are having any technical issues.

Finally PoooliPrint on Amazon offers more than reasonable prices to every customers.

No Compromises

The product that you buy from PoooliPrint Amazon store comes in a safe packaging which helps to ensure the product you get delivery won't be damaged.

We also check and verify every single item before dispatch to our Amazon's fulfillment network. Please note that Poooliprint Amazon Store is fully compliant with all of Amazon's quality standards.

Product Range

PoooliPrint Amazon offers an exclusive range of printing products, including printers, papers and more. The list includes our top printers like the L1 poooli printer and L2 poooli printer which are premium thermal printers offering high-quality printing results.

poooliprint amazon

We also offer white paper rolls, sticky paper rolls, colored paper rolls and a transparent protective case. This is just the beginning, many more product are going to be added to our Amazon store! 

Each of those products also comes with the reliability of PoooliPrint and the benefits of purchasing from Amazon.

Hassle-Free Return and Refunds

With Poooliprint on Amazon, you never need to worry about any problems with your orders. Our Amazon store automatically offer full refunds and replacements for any product that gets damaged during delivery. Returns are also available if you changed your mind or for defective products.

Faster Delivery Options

The collaboration between PoooliPrint and Amazon enhanced the delivery speed of every packages. Now you can use a prime account and get free two days shipping for every product.

Poooliprint Amazon is currently available for (USA) customers, but it's going to expand to other countries in the coming weeks. 


Both Amazon and PoooliPrint consider customers before anything else.

Therefore the Poooli Printer Amazon store works on creating long-term relationships and providing only the best for you. So, every product that you get from our Poooli Amazon Store will come with our one year limited warranty. You will get full support for any problem and replacement if something goes wrong. Make sure you purchase from our official Amazon store! 

Considering our product reliability, you won't likely need it ... but it's always good to have a backup in case something goes wrong!


PoooliPrint official website has always been a great and reliable source for buying advanced L2 or L1 thermal printers along with their papers. The official PoooliPrint Amazon store further enhances the services. It expands the delivery range and the customer support for you.

So, the next time you need paper, printer, or anything similar, consider shopping poooli printer amazon!

Thermal Printer Paper FAQ: 

What is portable printer?

Pocket printers are small, light weight printers that you can easily carry on the go. They are useful for professionals traveling most of the time, for students and for scrapbooking and DIY projects. The most popular pocket printers are thermal printers.

How do pocket printers work?

The Poooliprint pocket printersare thermal printers, which does not require ink, ribbon, or thermal transfer ribbon. Just load the paper rolls in, and you can print!

Do mini printers need ink?

While most mini printer need ink, the Poooliprint portable printers are inkless. They are thermal printers and can print on special thermal paper that will react to the heat.

Can photo printers print regular documents?

With the Poooliprint App and Poooli mini photo printer you can also print documents including but not limited to PDFs, Word documents, …

What is the price of pocket printer?

The most affordable pocket printers starts at $59.95. For that price, you will get a 200dpi print quality. If you can spare an additional $40 you can get a pocket printer that prints at an astonishing 300dpi. Click hereto learn more about pocket printers print quality.

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