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Poooliprinter XL: The Best Pocket Printer for Small Business Owners

A large number of small business owners are purchasing pocket printers to aid them in the day-to-day running of their business. Quick, cheap and easy to use, pocket printers are able to do everything you need from a standard printer, and more! 

From printing shipping labels and receipts, to saving you on costs, here are our top 4 reasons why you should invest in a PoooliPrinter XL for your business. It is the best pocket printer.

1 - Easily Print Shipping Labels

With an impressive print width of 110mm, the PoooliPrinter XL is a great choice for small business owners looking for an easy and fast way to print large numbers of shipping labels for small business. PoooliPrinters come with a choice of sticky paper rolls and label paper rolls, both of which come in classic white - perfect for parcels. Plus the natural portable nature of the pocket printer means it's suited for use in both warehouses and offices.

poooli L3

2 - Create Easy to Read Invoices

The PoooliPrinter XL is our best pocket printer yet! The new Japanese print head, print definition of 300dpi, and print width of 110mm all come together to create images with an impressive level of detail. This print quality makes the XL the perfect choice for business owners who are looking for a simple way to print out clean invoices. The Poooli App also gives you the ability to print PDF documents once they have been converted to a JPEG. Simply upload and print, it really is that easy.

3 - Quickly Print Customer Receipts

There’s no doubt that the PoooliPrinter XL can print at a much faster speed than a standard printer. This makes them the perfect choice for point of sales businesses, who need to create easy to read receipts and fast! When you choose the XL model you’re not limited to printing only 110m labels. As the XL is also able to print on the standard 80mm and 57mm paper rolls, the printer is the perfect choice for customer receipts.

Poooliprinter XL White

4 - Save Money on Printing and Maintenance

Lastly, using a pocket printer in the day-to-day running of your business can save you a small fortune in printing costs. As the printer does not require ink you no longer have to worry about purchasing ink, or running out at a crucial moment. Plus, there is no paper wastage as the printer naturally prints to fit the paper roll.

Poooliprinter XL: The Best Pocket Printer for Small Business Owners FAQ:

What is the best printer to choose for a small business?

If you are looking for a printer for your small business like Etsy, eBay and you want to print invoices and shipping labels, the PoooliPrinter XL is your best option..

How do I make my own print labels?

You can customize your own labels and shipping labels from the Poooli App and send the print work to your bluetooth pocket printer..

Is it cheaper to print your own shipping labels?

If you purchase shipping labels online at USPS or UPS and print it from your own shipping label printer it will be cost-efficient in the long run.

How do I print mail labels from home?

To print mail labels from your home you can use a portable pocket printer such as the PoooliPrinter XL. It was designed with small business owners in mind.

How do I create a thermal printer receipt?

You can simply upload your receipts to the Poooli App and connect your bluetooth printer to your phone to print receipt. There is no need for ink with Poooliprint printers.


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