Printable DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

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Printable DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas – PoooliPrint

After all, the Starks are always right: Winter is coming. Moreover December. Moreover: Advent. One of my favorite times of the year.

But what does it mean?

It means Christmas is coming! And the countdown for Christmas begins.

Hence Advent. (Because Christmas is coming… yeah, I think you get it.)

And in this time, you see the world is changing.

The streets start to dress up in their Holiday dresses.

[A street of a street with Christmas lights. - any stock photo will do.]

Instead of birds chirping, you start to hear the bells ringing.

You can go ice skating.

And kids became more and more active than ever.

After all, Santa is coming to town soon.

But there’s a little thing, that makes sure you get in the Christmas mood, and you see exactly how many days are left.

Yeah, you’ve guessed it right: An Advent Calendar.

So let’s get into today’s blog:

Why Should You Have An Advent Calendar?

I’ll be quick here.

You should have one, because: 

1) You can get into the Christmas mood easier with them. This is because you see each day passing by and Christmas getting closer. 

2) You get a little present each day. Your morning routine includes one more step: opening a little present. Is there a better way to start your day? I think not.

3) Most of the time, these presents are tasty. Yes, this is a real point. And an important one, nonetheless. Usually, inside of these Calendars, there are chocolates of the best kind. And in this season, you can get a few of them. ;)

Okay, now you know why should you have an Advent Calendar. But listen closely, if you want to take it a step further:

Make Your OWN DIY Advent Calendar!

I say this because of a few reasons.

Firstly, they are cheaper than if you were going to buy one in your local shop. 

Second: They are waaay more personal. You can make them your own. And if you follow my advice, it’s going to look way more awesome than any of the ones you can buy.

A little story here: My mom used to do custom Advent Calendars for me and my sister when we were younger. And we absolutely loved it! It was just a little plus but it made our whole Christmas better.

Third: Because it’s custom, it is up to you what is inside of each day. We’ll get to this point later in more detail. ;)

And last but definitely not least: You can easily get into the Christmas mood while you’re doing it. Just put on some Christmas songs, put some trees on the fire, and start doing it.

Most people nowadays don’t really get into the Christmas mood because they’re always rushing things. They are hurrying. They want to be done sooner and sooner with everything they do. With the presents, with the Advent Calendar, with decorating the house & the tree.

And this is exactly why they can’t get into the “mood.” Because to get into it, you should slow down and enjoy the present moment. And this is exactly what’s happening when you’re making your own Christmas Calendar.

How To Make Your Custom Advent Calendar

So now, if you want to make your own Christmas Calendar but are lost and you don’t really know what to do or how to do it, then have no fear!

I’m here to help.

First, I’m going to tell you how to do them, and then give you a few ideas on what to do. :)

Let’s go!

If you want it to look the best, then I recommend that you’re doing it the next way:

Get a box. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A regular shoebox will do.

Either paint it in red or wrap some red paper around it.

Now, make 24 little squares on the top, and cut them out in a way that they can be opened.

Put your little presents in these holes. (Ideas are coming later!)

Close the squares, and now…


For this, I advise you to use one of our PoooliPrinters, because they were made to print out different figures and cute & creative things in the most beautiful quality possible. (Plus they are even portable printers, so you can take them anywhere you go.)

Some Christmas decorations made with PoooliPrinter.

poooliprint christmas on journal

(Little tip: I think you should use our Sticky papers for your Advent Calendar because then you won’t need to use glue! :) You can find more about them here:

colored sticky paper rolls thermal paper

And after you’re done printing some Christmas things out (Santa, Christmas trees, bells, and so on), just put them on the box.

And voilá… You’re done!

[Christmas decorations made with PoooliPrinter.- 

custom christmas card poooliprinter XL

DIY Advent Calendar Ideas For You

Okay, just a few ideas on what to put inside the boxes:

  1. Chocolate

Every kid loves chocolate! Or at least most of them, so you can’t really go wrong with this choice.


In our school, our teacher made an Advent Calendar each year, and each day came a new quote. I loved it! It was just so great to think a little bit about a quote for a few minutes each day. To be honest, some quotes stayed with me to this day.

[A quote made with PoooliPrinter. -

custom stickers printed with thermal printer
  1. Photos

If you’re making an Advent Calendar for your family, you can have photos of you guys in the boxes. This way, each morning you’ll remember some memories of you together.

[Photos printed out with PoooliPrinter. -

poooliprinter l2 pink
  1. And so much more!

I just scratched the surface here… But you can think of so many more options! Your creativity is the only limit. ;)

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