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The All-In-One Guide to the Inkless Printer

It's pretty odd that, by and large, inkless printer models have advanced so much beyond a simple printing press, and yet, we still devote so many resources to ink printing when it is not only costly but staggeringly toxic for the environment. Let's talk about inkless printing and its benefits.

What is inkless printing?

With its thermal, heat-based technology, inkless printing has stepped in to bypass our need for toners and other print-related products, offering an eco-friendly solution that allows you to print as much as you want.


Is ink-based printing really that bad for the environment?

Inkless printing is a big step in the right direction away from the wasteful inkjet printing processes that are leaving such a huge carbon footprint year after year. Energy-efficient thermal printing technology is poised to revolutionize the print and printer market by making ink printing, whose cartridges make up a 14 billion dollar a year business, obsolete.

What are the best eco-friendly printing methods?

More and more printer brands have been making efforts to put forth eco-friendly printer models for work and personal home use. What has been instrumental for many of them has been the incorporation of refillable ink tanks that save people from spending on ink/toner replacements and on running out of both ink and time. To put it in perspective, new ink tank technology each year saves companies the equivalent of 30 fewer ink cartridges per employee!

These printers may seem like a big step in the right direction. But what if people and businesses could rely on a totally inkless printer? Inkless printing is definitely the best choice. 

pooliprinter l2 instant hd printed image

How do I use inkless printing technology?

Inkless printing is a new worldwide patented technology that looks to make ink printing and the many problems associated with ink printing, such as ink cartridges, a thing of the past. Inkless printing does this by applying thermal heating technology that, in effect, burns specially designed paper to print text and high-quality images.

When you use an inkless printer, you won't have to buy any ink cartridges, printer ribbons, or printer toner. Instead, you simply introduce the paper roll into the small inkless printing device after choosing from a variety of printer paper to bring everything, from photos to sticky notes, to life. And it can all be edited on an App.

So, how do inkless printers work?

Inkless printers use embedded dye crystals upon which a specific amount of heat is applied in such a specified way that even photographs come to life. As such, carbonated paper plays a key role in the printing process of inkless printer.

What is an inkless printer?

Heat-based printing technology was initially developed by Inkless, a startup company that spun off from Delft University of Technology's incubator program YES!Delft.

As further proof that this technology is legitimate, Xerox is now working on its own inkless printing method and has made it a goal to develop easily erasable prints. This well-established aspect of inkless printers makes a lot of sense within the context of an office environment where printouts don't often need to be filed.

Their latest prototypes seem quite promising as the prints gradually fade in the days following the original print allowing the paper to be reused. In more ways than one, this seems like a no-brainer in the cause of reducing waste and keeping things as economical as possible.

How do inkless printers work?

Their inkless printing method consists of casting carbonized paper with heliochromic chemicals that darken when the paper is exposed to UV light. Thus, printing is simply a matter of light zapping.

What type of paper do I use?

Carbonized paper is required to work with these types of printers as regular paper is just too thin and, as a result, would end up burned through as they are heated. Inkless has worked out the carbonization process and offers an assortment of paper roll options that serve various needs.

You may have your doubts, but the results speak for themselves as these inkless printers can deliver prints of full image photos at a high resolution.

poooliprint pink print paper

What are the benefits of inkless printing?

The most noteworthy benefit is avoiding wasteful, toxic, and expensive cartridges and ink, whose production emissions are extremely harmful to the environment. Only around a quarter of ink cartridges are recycled, and once they're thrown out, they take more than 450 years to decompose completely.

Thermal printer

This new thermal printing process is a great way to print out all manner of texts, images, and graphics, in just a matter of seconds, for a wide array of purposes that include making labels, post-it notes, flyers, and pictures.

One of the biggest appeals of this new technology is its portability. You can print on the go with an inkless photo printer! So it stands to reason that something like this would come along with the advent of cellphone cameras.

Does PoooliPrint carry a variety of thermal inkless paper?

There isn't much of a difference in the capabilities between ink and inkless printers. As Inkless co-founder Arnaud van der Ven puts it, "Inkless has now met the quality standard of conventional printing techniques, among other things, on the resolution and printing speed." 

The biggest limitation is with respect to the size of paper that these new types of inkless printers work with, namely smaller sizes that, for the most part, are about the size of your hand.

PoooliPrint offers more than 30 different varieties of paper rolls that you can order. PoooliPrint's inkless paper varies quite a bit and includes sticky print paper, semi-transparent print paper, colored print paper, washiest tape print paper, white print paper, and sparkly print paper. So, whether you need to print to get work done or to brighten up a special occasion, the possibilities are quite endless.

What inkless printers can I choose from?

Markets show an increasing interest in environmentally-conscious technologies and manufacturing processes, and as such, you'll find as you search around that there are more places to find them than you might expect. For example, you can head directly to and start with a PoooliPrinter inkless printer that offers you the ability to set up and execute your prints from the comfort of your own cell phone.

The PoooliPrinter L1. Its fun design reflects its flare for more whimsical printing experiences. You can also really make your visions come to life by using the Poooli app, which makes editing and printing your images both easy and fun!

poooliprinter L2 instant HD pink

What are some cool ways to use a PoooliPrinter?

Anyone, especially professionals and artists, can use this quality product to make their own notes, stickers, signs, images, and so much more. You can also take advantage of their app that comes standard with each one of their printers.

PoooliPrinter's durable design is water, oil, and scratch-resistant, which makes it perfect for the whole family, and it can last for up to 25 years! 

Through partnering with established companies such as Canon, HP, and Kodak, Zink inkless printing has developed an exciting selection of cameras and printers that can produce photographs and images with high levels of resolution. In addition, you can connect these cameras and printers to your iPhone, iPad, or Android cellphones, making printing a fun part of your life.

Their prices vary between $50 and $120, depending on whether you would like additional features. Though many of these additional features at the higher price point are intended for professional use.

For instance, the PoooliPrinter L1 Inkless Pocket Printer costs only $59.95 and will last you for many years to come. Whereas the Memobird G2 costs around $100 and is perfect for professional use, as it is compatible with iPhones and Androids and has Wi-Fi. In addition, they both offer a Bluetooth Mode.

The specialty print paper required can get somewhat pricey as the size of the paper needed increases, but the key to its value is applying it to specific tasks so that you don't waste this specially developed print paper frivolously.

poooliprinter magnets

Are Inkless Printers great for environmentally conscious businesses?

Although these kinds of printers are considerably smaller than most, the possibilities with them are truly endless. Their applications within the context of a busy business, studies, parenting, and creative and professional endeavors make them a very convenient, sustainable, and reliable tool to depend on for your printing needs.

Also, they can do wonders in helping to point small business owners in a more environmentally conscious direction. These printers fare themselves as green printing, as they save users from having to invest in bulkier and more toxic hardware, which has long-lasting effects on nature through land and water pollution. They also save on power to such a degree that they put most other printers to shame. Additionally, by using smaller paper units, there is much less room for waste.

Is it really worth it?

Years ago, printing changed the world. So, it stands to reason that there should be new ways to accomplish this task that are much more environmentally responsible and accessible to a broader public.

Such versatility is sure to make inkless printers one of the hottest new gadgets to emerge on the tech scene.

An excellent way to think about these inkless printers is to see them as a small-scale printing extension of your smartphone that can be adapted to your unique lifestyle, projects, and personal interests.

poooliprinter happ customer

Inkless Printers FAQ: 

What is an inkless printer? 

An inkless printer can print without the use of ink. Without the need for cartridges or toners, there are no recurring costs. There are different style of inkless printers, the most popular being thermal printing on carbonized paper.

Click here to learn 10 ways to benefit from an inkless printer.

Which is the best inkless printer?

No matter when or where you decide to use your device, the PoooliPrinter L1 is essential for anyone with a knack for printouts. From scrapbooking to collage-making, there’s virtually nothing it can’t help you to accomplish; that’s why we love it so much!

What is portable printer?

Portable printers are affordable, easy to use, and lightweight. They can easily be carried around in your pocket, purse, or backpack.

Learn more about uses of a Pocket Printer.

Can inkless printers print in color?

Poooliprint inkless printers uses heat to print out images or text on thermal paper. This means that they cannot print in colors.

Luckily, Poooliprint sells all sorts of quality thermal papers, such as colored paper, sticky colored paper, colored edges paper, sticky semi-transparent and a bunch more.

Inkless printer what benefits?

One of the main benefit of an inkless printer is that you will never have to buy ink refills ever again. Besides the cost savings inkless also provides strong environmental benefits.

Learn 10 ways to benefit from an inkless printer.

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