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Home Decor Ideas With Portable Printer – PoooliPrint

We’ve all been there.

Your home looks kind of… empty?

And you want to spice things up just a liiittle, so instead of thinking: “This looks boring,” you (and every one of your guests) would think: “How can this house look SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME?”

Well… it’s actually waaaay easier to do than you’d think. ;)

Of course, only if you follow what I’m about to tell you.

And you only need a portable printer for it. 

If you do not know what is a pocket printer continue reading...

Because with it, you can just…

Print Out Some Notes - And Put Them On Your Fridge Or Wall

The most common of Poooliprint ideas. Really, it’s that easy. But what notes?

Glad you’ve asked.

You can print out different quotes that make you feel motivated… or you just simply think look great.

Just like this:

notes printed

Or you can even write something romantic to your partner, so they can always know how much they mean to you! 

(For instance: “I Love You!” “You are my sunshine!” or “Buy some eggs!”)

Ahh, and they say true love doesn’t exist anymore.

Aaaaaaand… you can design these notes in the Poooli App, so they’d look so awesome you won’t believe your eyes!

Really. ;)

notes printed on journal

But what else can you print out to make your home more irresistible?

Well, for instance…

Your Goals - So You’ll Actually Have A Higher Chance To Achieve Them

What you should do here is simple.

Write down your goals, print them out, and put them in someplace where you see them every day.

This is because if you see them every day, you’ll be more compelled to start working on them and actually achieve them.


And if you print them out with a cute portable printer (just like a PoooliPrinter), they will not only make you more likely to achieve your goals but they are going to look REALLY great as well.

So great that even your friends will want to print out THEIR goals. And when they do, they’ll also be more likely to achieve theirs.



Okay, not just for this reason…

Because I actually have a few more awesome tips for you. ;)

For instance, you can…

Print Out Different Drawings, Or Photos And Put Them On Your Laptop

Just like this:

black and white sticker on a laptop

And, I know, your laptop isn’t your house, but I guess it is IN your house when you are at home… so it gives a little plus to the whole vibe. :)

And this is the same for your phone as well.

You see what I’m getting into?

Print Out Different Drawings, Or Photos And Put Them On Your Phone

Just see for yourself how awesome it looks:

black and white sticker on phone

And you can even put together this tip and tip #2 and put one of your goals on your phone… :)

That’s a sure way to make it as likely as possible that you’ll reach that goal.

But let’s get back to your actual home…

Print & Put Some Things To Your Doors

Okay, you can either put some prints into your front door. 

Just like: “Welcome to my home!” or you can be a little fun and put: “Abandon hope all ye who enter here!”


Okay, I’m sure you’ll come up with something much greater… but my only goal was to give you the basic idea. ;) From here, you are on your own. I trust you, you can do it!

And you can even put some things on the bedroom doors.

Some basic ideas:

“Open / Closed” “Do not disturb!”

Again, I’m 100% you’ll come up with something funny or awesome. :) 

And lastly but I think this is the best one:

Make A Photo Wall

One of the best poooliprint ideas! 

Since your house is full of walls (at least I guess), this is the MOST IMPACTFUL THING you can do.


Instead of those boring and empty walls, you can decorate them with notes, quotes, photos, drawings, and ANYTHING you can just think of.

You can have photos of your dogs, cats, cows, or anything you just like.

And you can even use different walls for different ideas!

For instance, in my home, I have an “adventure wall” for the photos of my favorite trips, and memories with my friends and family.

And I have a “pet wall” for my pets. :)

Yeah, I love them.

Actually, if you’d like to read about this topic (Photo Wall Ideas), then guess what!

I WROTE a full blog post on this in which I give you 8 tips on how to make your walls look as awesome as possible.

Just click here to read it.

Home Decor Ideas With Portable Printer FAQ:

How can I decorate my home DIY?

A good way to get started with DIY home decoration is by printing labels for all your stuffs. Once you got organized you will be able to think of amazing DIY furnitures and decorations. Poooliprint portable printer s a must have to decorate your home DIY.

is a must have to decorate your home DIY.

You can decorate your home with arts and crafts. You can start by making some nice photo collages with the help of an inkless pocket printer. The good part is that it's very inexpensive to print!

How can I decorate my house on a low budget?

If you have a low budget, printing out your home decorations is a smart way to get inexpensive decorations. You should invest in a portable pocket printer such as the PoooliPrint portable printer. It has 30+ types of paper rolls to choose from and it's inkless so it will be very inexpensive to use.

How do I style my house?

There are tons of options when it comes to inexpensive home style and decorations. To start with you can get a portable printer and check out those home decor ideas with a portable printer.

How can I decorate my room with simple things for anniversary?

A creative photo wall is the perfect idea for an anniversary theme. Here are 8 creative photo wall ideas with a portable printer.

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