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Poooliprinter XL: The Best Pocket Printer for Students

Are you a student who struggles to keep your school work organized? Do you wish there was an easy and fun way to keep your study notes neat?

The PoooliPrinter XL is the answer to your problems. With high-end printing at a pocket friendly price, this pocket printer will help you keep on top of your school work, while also giving you a fun way to print off all of your favorite memories and photographs.

Here are our 4 top reasons why every students needs a Poooli Pocket Printer.

1 - Print Out Clean Notes for Studying

The PoooliPrinter XL is our highest quality pocket printer yet! The new Japanese print head, print definition of 300dpi, and print width of 110mm all come together to create images with an impressive level of detail. This print quality makes the XL the perfect choice for students looking to print out clean study notes to make school work easy!

Bonus Feature: The Poooli App comes with a text identification and printing feature. This means if you come across a piece of important information while you study, you don’t have to waste time copying it out by hand. Simply scan the text and the app will type it up for you automatically, ready for you to print!

2 - Stay Organized with To-Do Lists

To-do lists are the key to staying organized as a student. Between assignments, homework, tests and extra curricular - every student needs an easy way to stay on track during the day. PoooliPrinter enables you to combine the ease of writing your daily list on your phone, with the functionality of having the printed list stuck in your diary. You can even use the Poooli App to access a range of free to-do list templates!

3 - Create Helpful Homework Trackers

Keeping on top of your homework and assignments is easy when you create a homework tracker. You can use your PoooliPrinter to help you keep up to date and organized in fun and creative ways, rather than simply ticking it off in your diary. For example, if you struggle to record assignments neatly, why not snap a quick photograph of the work and then print it off in sticker form to place in your diary.

4 - Customize Your Belongings

PoooliPocket Printers offer a wide range of paper roll designs and colors to suit every style, from bold and pastel colors to patterns and even transparent paper options. These creative paper designs make it easy for you to personalize your school belongings with unique and personal images. Whether it's your diary cover, subject notebooks, laptop case, pencil case or even your water bottle - the XL makes it easy to update anything and everything. Plus as the XL is compatible with all types of paper rolls (110, 80 and 57mm) your design choices are even wider!

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