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Printable Christmas Ornaments with Pocket Printer - PoooliPrint

When you open your Spotify app in the morning, you start to see something interesting…

A few Christmas songs started to appear on your home page, but that’s not all.

When you step outside… it’s like more people are smiling. 

When you step inside your favorite coffee shop, you see that they have put up their Christmas decoration… and the whole place became a little cozier.

This is when it hits you… Okay, Christmas is really coming.

The time of joy… ice skating… gingerbreads, and of course… decorating the tree.

“But… I mean… our tree looks the same every year. Can’t you help me a little bit with how to make it a little different (but just as beautiful) this year? Please.”

Okay, okay, I hear you.

And, to be honest, you’re in the PERFECT place because in this article I’m going to do just that! Give you a little tip on how to make your Christmas tree look a little different this year… but just as beautiful (if not more) than last year.

Okay, spoiler alert: Use Printable Christmas Ornaments.

poooliprint christmas ornaments

Let me tell you a few reasons why:

Why Use Printable Christmas Ornaments? (Versus Regular Ones)

They aren’t fragile

Everyone has been there… You decorate your Christmas tree, but with an unfortunate move, you actually hit it… and your ornaments fell down from your tree and they crash, leaving shards of glass everywhere. 

Now, this is what’s NOT going to happen with printable ornaments.

Because they’re made from paper, they can’t crash. :)

You can make as much as you just want

If you just need one or two more ornaments for your tree to have that “Oh my God, how can our tree look so good?” effect, but you don’t want to buy ANOTHER pack of real ornaments… Printable Christmas Ornaments are here for your rescue… you can print as many of them as you just want, so you’ll always have enough.

They’re unique

First, they’re unique just by themselves because so few people use them. (This is going to change real quick as more and more people start to realize their beauty and how easy it is to make them.) But their real uniqueness comes from a different thing:

Meaning you are the one who designs them. So you can make them as unique as you just want. Your creativity is the only limit. ;)

You can use them WITH your regular Christmas ornaments

Yeah, it’s not one OR the other. Moreover, if you want your Christmas tree to really shine… use them together. They can complement each other without being too much. But how?


Use complementary colors of them. For instance, if you have gold ornaments… then print out red printable ornaments. Or for silver ornaments print blue printable ornaments.

And, with this point, we have arrived at our next big question:

What Type Of Paper Should You Use For Printable Christmas Ornaments?

Now, this is the second-best part (the BEST bestbets part will come later! ;)) in my opinion.

Because we (at PoooliPrint) actually thought about this problem and came up with THE SOLUTION. (Yeah, with CAPSLOCK. Because it is that awesome.)

Colored Paper Rolls.

colored sticky paper rolls

These are going to become your best friends if you want to print out printable Christmas ornaments.

They’re water-resistant. Oil-proof. And scratch-free. 

Just see them for yourself

thermal paper rolls sticky and multi colors

And with this, we have arrived at the BEST part:

Okay, Okay, But What Printer Should I Use?

If you want a printer that prints so beautifully (HD), you can’t say anything other than a shallow “Wow!” as you look at your ornaments…

A printer that is INKLESS, so you won’t need to spend a penny on ink…

… and a printer that is really easy to use and with which you can print in different sizes (so you can have different-sized Christmas ornaments)...

… then just use The PoooliPrinter XL.

It’s easily our best printer if you want Christmas Ornaments with it.

(And people are absolutely loving it! It’s not a coincidence that it has a 4.8-star rating out of 5 stars. If you want to find out more about it, then just click here:

poooliprinter xl

And now comes the most important part:

How To Make Your Printable Christmas Ornaments To Look As Beautiful All Your Friends Will Ask Where Did You Get Them?


First, design them. You can do this in your Poooli App, or within Photoshop, or in a designer program.

Second, open your Poooli App (if you haven’t opened it before), turn on your PoooliPrinter, load your design, and click on “Print.”


You’re done.

And your Christmas Ornament will be in your hands in no minute, and you can go ahead and put them on your tree.

And now, there isn’t anything else, then just to go ahead and enjoy your Christmas. Because you deserve it. :)

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