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Free Printable Sudoku for Kids

Oh, my days!

Every time I see a sudoku, I can’t help but remember.

Every summer (when I was a kid), we used to go on a trip to the nearest lake in my country, and this is where my uncle always did his sudoku.

Of course, being the overactive (and really competitive) kid I was, the only thing I wanted to do is to play sudoku and beat him. :)

And, to be honest, I never really did, but anyways… it was fun.

And it taught me a LOT of things, so I’m really glad I did it at such an early age.

But why?

Let me tell you.



Why Should Kids Play Sudoku?

It can help them relax.

This was the case with me. As I said, I was quite hyperactive in my early ages, soooo… so my Mom couldn’t be happier when she saw me sit in one place(!) for more than 10 minutes. And it really helped me relax. Because when you’re doing sudoku, you need to focus. You need to be in the present. You need to only think about what’s in front of you: The game. And this definitely can help you chill down.

It can make them better at math.

There are numbers in sudoku, and there are numbers in math. So if you are better at sudoku, then you’re better at math, right? Well… you could be. But not just because there are numbers in both things. But because - as I’ve said before - sudoku can help you think faster and better. See the bigger picture. Think more logically. And THESE can help you when it comes to math.

It can make them LOVE challenges.

The good thing about sudoku is that there are different levels to it. There are easy ones and really hard ones… and, of course, everything in between. So your kid can start with the easier ones and slowly start progressing into the harder ones… and by the time they are there, even the hardest ones will become kind of easy after a while. And this can train them to take challenges and actually ENJOY different challenges because they’d get the basics on HOW to solve these challenges:

Move step by step. Don’t try to start with the hardest one. Don’t try to do everything at once. But move slowly but surely. Step by step.

(Wow, reading back I sound like a wise monk who lives on the mountains but trust me. It’s really true. 😂)

They can become a little better every day.

If they are doing it regularly, then they will see the true power of the “step-by-step” methodology I just told you. One week after they started, they won’t even believe how good they’ve become. And when they see these results, they can spread them out to different parts of their lives. And thanks to this, they can be far more likely to reach their goals.

    Okay Now… Where To Download FREE Printable Sudoku Templates?

    Of course, you can buy sudoku books, but that’s not what I recommend to you.

    If you want a better way, then you can just easily get free printable sudoku templates from websites like this: 

    And start printing them out with your printer.

    Or, if you want my advice… with your portable pocket printer.

    Just listen:

    These machines are portable… meaning you can bring them with you anywhere you go and even print with them ON THE GO.

    They’re INKLESS.

    So you won’t have to spend any money on ink. ;)

    And… they print beautifully.* Meaning your sudokus (or your kids’ sudokus) will look sharp. And when I say sharp, I mean it.


    *Except for the PoooliPrint L1!

    And these PoooliPrinters are even looking fun & cute. Kids absolutely love them.

    Just take a look:

    Okay, now you have your printable sudoku templates and your portable pocket printer in your hands.

    There is nothing left, then just to print them out, and let’s have some fun!

    And a little tip for you… start having a little friendly(!) competition with your kids. This way, they’ll far more likely to enjoy these sudokus, and experience all the benefits I listed above.

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