The 3 Best Bluetooth Pocket Printers of 2020

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The 3 Best Bluetooth Pocket Printers of 2020

It seems like recently everyone is purchasing a pocket printer - and with good reason. They give you the creative freedom to print your favorite photos at a moments notice, but they also enable you to easily decorate your belongings, take your bullet journal and/or scrapbooking to the next level, and even print out your daily to-do list with ease.

With so many options available on the market, however, how do you decide which is the right bluetooth printer for you? 

Here we’ve pulled together the key information about the top 3 pocket printers on the market; PoooliPrint, Paperang vs Peripage. These quick overviews of the pros and cons of each printer should help you choose the best printer for your daily needs.

1 - PoooliPrint

Let’s start with the PoooliPrint. With 2 options available (the basic L1 and the higher end L2), with this brand you get a choice of print width and quality straight away. The L2 has a high print quality of 300dpi, as well as an impressive print width of 54mm, while still being small and lightweight in size.

It also comes with a wide range of additional features; it’s own app for easy printing, multiple color options, different case designs, numerous colored and patterned printer paper and even a unique detachable beak that serves as a display holder or magnet for your print outs. The main selling point of the PoooliPrint, however, has to be the extremely reasonable price point which is particularly low when you consider the high print quality and high number of extras.

Poooliprint thermal printer

Now that we know PoooliPrint is one of the top pocket printer on the market, let's see how Peripage vs Paperang compare. 

2 - Paperang

One of the main selling points of the Paperang pocket printer is it’s quirky design. Created to look like it’s own polaroid camera, the Paperang is popular among those passionate about photography as it fits nicely into the ascetic. While the printer paper options are less than those for the PoooliPrinter, it does have a range of bring and eye-catching paper colors to highlight a variety of images.

Despite it’s fun camera design, the Paperang only has a small print width - 48mm. Which doesn’t quite off-set the print quality of 300dpi, and may not be large enough for many photographers and other creatives in the long run. Finally, the Paperang comes in at very a high price point, with many believing that you don’t get quite enough for your money.

paperang thermal printer

3 - Peripage

If you’re after a pocket printer, but are on a tight budget, then the Peripage could be the right option for you. With a cute design, a wide range of colors, and multiple printer paper options, the Peripage will get the job done. It is a popular choice among bullet journalists, who use their printer to simply add visual interest to their journal pages, rather than display their favorite photographs or scrapbook their treasured memories.

It is worth keeping in mind that the low price point does mean that the printer is of lower technical quality compared. Especially when compared to the Paperang and the PoooliPrinter. The print width is a small 45mm, and the print quality is only 200 dpi. So if you’re after a printer of higher quality, that is still within budget, we recommend the PoooliPrinter.

peripage thermal printer

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Pocket Printers FAQ: 

What are pocket printers?

Pocket printers are small, light weight printers that you can easily carry on the go. They are useful for professionals traveling most of the time, for students and for scrapbooking and DIY projects. The most popular pocket printers are thermal printers.

How do pocket printers work?

The Poooliprint pocket printer are thermal printers, which does not require ink, ribbon, or thermal transfer ribbon. Just load the paper rolls in, and you can print!

What is the difference between a wireless printer and a Bluetooth printer?

Bluetooth connection is more often used for pocket printers that connects to your smartphone. Wireless printers are widely used in offices or at home for regular printers connected to a wi-fi network.

Can you use a Bluetooth printer without Wi-Fi?

You don't need a wi-fi network or internet connection to use a bluetooth printer. Poooliprint bluetooth printers can connect to your smartphone or tablet by bluetooth.

How do you connect your phone to a printer?

To connect your phone to a printer, you need a wireless or a bluetooth printer. While some printers can connect to the wireless network of a smartphone, some require an app install to connect, such as the Poooliprint app.

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