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They Talk about PoooliPrint™

Here are 15 Poooli Printer recommendations:

A Happy Mum

Summer as a kid, had big dreams of becoming an entrepreneur or a CEO. By a twist of fate, she ditched the allures of the corporate world, travelled half the globe and stepped into the gratifying journey of motherhood.
With every breath, she is living her dream.

kids with pooli printer

Heart HandMade

Claire provides high ROI guides, lists, tutorials and printables to keep you covered in all aspects of your happy creative life!
Make sure you also read her blog article about easy image transfer on any material with PoooliPrint.

hearth hand made blog poooliprint

Space and Quiet

Tracey is a designer, stationery lover and bullet journaler. She will boost your supply of pretty stationery and planner goodies, while inspiring you to live a happy organized life!

space and quiet bullet journaling

Little Miss Rose

Rose is a full-time wife and mother, part-time accountant. Bullet-journaling helps calm the chaos of a pretty hectic life! Join her to find out how she can help you too.

Little miss rose thermal printer

Petite Melanie

Melanie is all things books and stationery since forever. Writing her blog from Québec, Canada.

poooliprint petite melanie

Slightly Sorted

Tara's mission is quite simply to help make life a little bit easier and a little bit better! You'll find tips, tricks, and articles on helping you to live your best life - from the big stuff, through to the little things that make all the difference.

 tara poooliprinter

One Night Plans

Believe Hannah when she says the Bullet Journal method can be a life saver. After experimenting with this system, she wants to share with you what worked for her; as well as help you live a more organized and intentional life.

one night plans partnership

Miss Plan

If you speak Spanish, take a look at Flavia's blog about bullet journaling and organization. Muchos recursos!

Poooli impresora térmica portátil

Journal With Purpose

Helen uses journals to plan out her dream life, document special moments and keep a record of the day to day happenings in her life. Plus, she loves to get creative and uses lots of different techniques to decorate her pages.

poooliprinter for journaling

Life is Messy and Brilliant

Jenniffer is a creative blogger + digital artist. Her blog gained attention for its girly printables, digital planner tutorials, and college tips.

life is messy and brilliant with poooliprint

Nomad Adventures Co

Meg is a travel enthusiast and outdoor photograph. Each photos she takes has a story behind it. And you can tell!

nomad adventure co

Kerrymay Makes

Kerry is a blogger, planner, art & creative journal fanatic. Make a cuppa and browse her tutorials and makes.

kerry may makes

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

Annie is a teenaged bullet journalist who always has her nose stuck in a book. She started bullet journaling in June of 2016, and it was love at first sight!

blossoms and bullet journal

Single Parent Pessimist

Claire is mum of one, step mum of two and dog mum to Yogi. She writes openly about life, parenting and her quest to be healthier in mind, body and bank balance. 

Life with the Hazelwoods

Welcome to the Hazelwoods' life! Read stories about parenting, books, health and more.

life with the hazel wood

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