Benefits and uses of a thermal pocket printer

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Benefits, Uses & Technology of a Pocket Printer

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Imagine being able to print high-quality photos on the go from your smartphone, tablet, or computer from small portable printers.

We live in the future!

Pocket photo printer technology is a way for you to print high-quality photos without buying expensive ink cartridges or photo paper packs. Pocket printers use specially designed paper that holds the ink (colored pigments) needed for printing. This means no more bulky packages of photo paper, toxic ink cartridges, or expensive ink refills.

Pocket printers are affordable, easy to use, and lightweight, meaning they can easily be carried around in your pocket, purse, or backpack.

Inkless pocket printers are a great option for anyone looking to save time and money. They're small, portable, easy to use and can produce high-quality prints.

In this article, we'll go over the benefits, uses, and technology of inkless pocket printers and pocket mobile color printer.

poooliprinter pink with colored paper rolls

What is a pocket printer?

A pocket printer is a portable, compact device that prints on the go. The pocket printers are usually available in three sizes to suit different budgets and printing needs: small (fits into the palm of your hand), medium (smaller than an A-Z encyclopedia), or large (bigger than a family photo album).

What are some benefits of mobility?

Pocket printers are perfect for anyone on the go. With a pocket printer, there's no need to carry bulky ink cartridges or printer paper because it prints directly from a mobile device via Bluetooth technology (cell phone, tablet). Additionally, they are great for the environment.

poooliprint in hand size comparison

Are inkless printers better for the environment?

Yes, depending on if they are inkless or not.

Printer ink is known to be very toxic to the environment.  It's often made up of hazardous chemicals like lead and chlorinated compounds.

PoooliPrint pocket printers, on the other hand, do not require any ink cartridges. They use a special type of printing material that doesn't dry out when exposed to air for several days (e-ink) which is safe and sustainable for the environment because it has no harmful chemicals and never needs to be refilled.

No ink= No problem.

How does a compact photo printer work?

Pocket printers are not new technology. They have actually been around since the mid 2000's when ink-free printing company, Zink, partnered with Polaroid to make the first-ever pocket-sized printer, the PoGo instant mobile. 

The PoGo worked by connecting a digital camera through a USB cable to a tiny printer about the size of a cell phone. At the time, it was revolutionary, but now the pocket printer connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth. In other words, it is wire-free and ready to roll.

The best pocket printers on the market today use Bluetooth technology and company-specific smartphone apps to print directly from your phone to the pocket photo printer.

Why are pocket printers different?

The uses of a quality portable photo printer are endless.

Our fans never cease to surprise and amaze us with fun, exciting, and creative ways to print photos!

Print directly from your phone

Pocket printers are so compact and lightweight that they can be pocketed anywhere. Pocket printers also offer an alternative way to print on the go without having to carry a heavy computer around with you, thanks to convenient, high-tech mobile apps!

Not to mention the fact that pocket printers require no extra cord or cable for operation.

With IOS smartphone application capabilities, printing quality via Bluetooth has never been easier. There is no more need to have a drawer full of random USBs and mystery wires!

This is great news if you live in an apartment where space is limited and using large electronic devices like desktop computers would be impractical!

PoooliPrinter L2 Instant HD Pink and Poooli App on iPhone

Image quality

Pocket printers provide high-quality images using tech that is able to print onto paper using any color or combination of colors.

Inkless pocket printers are also capable of producing prints in a variety of sizes and formats, including business cards, greeting card sizes, postcards, stickers, bookmarks - even clothing labels!

Bluetooth connection capability

The fact that you can easily connect pocket printers to mobile devices with Bluetooth capability is a huge advantage for pocket printer users.

Many pocket printers also have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, which means you can connect your device wirelessly without having to worry about dealing with cords and cables!

Easy of Use

The development of tech in the pocket photo printer industry has made printing easy for pretty much everyone (including Grandma).

Just connect, and print!

Are they affordable?

A compact photo printer can be surprisingly affordable, and when you choose an inkless option, it makes printing way more environmentally and economically sustainable, too!

PoooliPrint pocket printers start at $69.99, which is a fraction of the cost of inkjet and laser printing options.

Plus, pocket printer paper cartridges are recyclable- you can just put them in your recycling bin once they're out of ink or capacity.

What are some of the best portable printers?

PoooliPrint pocket printers are the perfect pocket photo printer for on-the-go printing needs. They're lightweight, rechargeable, and come with a USB cord so you can plug them into your laptop or wall outlet!

poooliprint inkless printer and packaging

PoooliPrint L1 & PoooliPrinter L2 Instant HD

Some features include:

Portability: - The handy size of just 3.25*3.25*1.5 inches / 83*83*38mm lends to this printer’s portability and ability to fit in a backpack or purse while on the go

Bluetooth - Just connect your smartphone to the inkless printer using Bluetooth and start printing with the Poooli app!️

Organization - Stay in control while working and print sticky labels, notes, to-do lists, shopping lists, recipes, QR codes & more.

Convenience - Keep it in your pocket, take it to work, to school, or anywhere you'd like. Poooli is always ready to print. 

Inkless - Thanks to its Japanese heating print head technology, ink is not used and no unnecessary costs are added. Print up to 100 pictures on 1 paper roll. 

Durable - Printed materials are durable (10-25 years), water-resistant, oil-proof, and scratch-free. 

Poooliprinter Pink printer with pink led and stationery in background

Are portable printers really Photo Printers worth it?

Yes, depending on your needs, portable photo printers are an excellent and affordable way to print on demand. For small businesses, pocket printers can be used to easily print shipping labels, create easy-to-read invoices, quickly print customer receipts, and print photos. 

But not only that, portable pocket printers can be used wonderfully with the journaling community as a creative outlet in their bullet journals. Bullet journalists can use pocket printers to print stickers, labels, and images to help put that personal touch on their journal musings.

In addition, pocket printers can help personalize your belongings with unique and personal images created by you. Laptop covers, water bottles, candles, makeup, homemade oils, fun labels, stickers, and more can all be personalized with mini printers.

What to look for in a mini printer?

As a buyer, it is important to consider a few factors when purchasing your instant pocket printer to ensure your needs are met. Let's look at a few essential elements below.

Travel friendly

When looking for a pocket printer, portability is one of the most important factors. It doesn't make sense to lug a computer-sized printer with you everywhere you go, so keep the dimension in mind when looking for a mini printer.

Battery life

A mini printer should run on a rechargeable battery that can last up to one week on standby.

The PoooliPrint battery is a 18650 Li-ion battery and the typical life of these batteries is 300-500 charging/discharging cycles.

The printer also comes with a one year warranty which covers the battery as well.


Though many printers can offer direct connection, it is important for your pocket printer to have wifi and Bluetooth connectivity for ease of printing from your smartphone.

Companion Smartphone App

Each printer should have a smartphone app you can use to import and edit photos before printing. The usability of the companion app is important because customizing printouts is part of the fun of pocket printing!

poooliprint pocket printer and app


It should go without saying that your pocket printer should be durable. These printers are made to be used out in the world. The best way to check durability is to read the reviews. If anyone mentions their printer breaking easily, mark that as a no-go.


Most pocket printers range in price from $50-150, making them great gifts for friends and family. However, this price only covers the printer and the complementary first pack or roll of paper.


Paper can be divided into ink-based and inkless. The cost of ink-based film paper for an instant camera ranges from $0.4 - 0.75 or even $1 per sheet. In this regard, inkless paper is much more affordable at roughly $0.08 a sheet. Depending on your needs, be sure to keep the cost of paper in mind.

poooliprint printer and colored paper rolls


When printing, most people will initially think about printing their photos. Though, when looking at a mini printer, it is important to think about what else the printer can do. Inkless thermal printers are great in this regard because they can print a wide variety of items, from images to labels to receipts.


Make sure the photo printer your are are buying has a warranty. A product warranty indicates a company that provides a quality product!

The history of pocket printers

The pocket printer was invented in 1986 by a company called Datapoint. They were the first to develop these print-on-the-go devices, and they had a few different options for consumers to purchase: dot matrix printers, thermal plate printers, liquid inkjet printers or laser beam projectors. The pocket printer originally used removable paper.

In the mid 1990s the pocket printer became obsolete, but the pocket printer was reintroduced in 2005 by a company called ZINK. These pocket printers used paper that had ink built into it and would develop as soon as you took it out of the pocket printer.

Poooliprint was formed in order to produce pocket printers for the public. They created pocket printers that were laser beam projectors and used thermal plate paper, which is one of the most sustainable pocket printer methods on the market.

The accessories have to be expensive, right?

Actually no, since you do not need to buy toxic and expensive ink, pocket printers are considerably cheaper.

Plus pocket printer paper is a very affordable as you do not have to print as much at one time since it develops right away!

What are some of the best uses for pocket printers?

Now that we have discussed the history and tech behind this awesome print quality technology, lets go over our favorite uses!

There are really endless uses for portable photo printers, some of our favorites include the following:

Printing your favorite memories on the go!

At a concert, party, or picnic? Sure, posting these photos on Social Media are a great way to share memories with friends and family but imagine being able to instantly print high quality photos of that perfect selfie with a friend you don't get to see often, then gifting it to them as a surprise?

A printed photo could be a simple, but very meaningful gift!

Taking notes for school or work?

Whether you're in a lecture hall, office or library pocket printers can help make your studying and work easier. Imagine being able to print a QR code instantly while on the go!

In any situation where there is no electricity pocket photo printers will come to the rescue!

At the end of the day portable printing can be done anywhere and on the go to document memories or create art projects. This makes them ideal for business people who are always traveling.

poooliprint printer paper rolls and notebook

Creating art for home decor?

Craft a personalized candle, scrapbook, or mug, and more by printing an image and adding to the object of your choice!

Portable printing is as creative as you are!

Does a portable photo printer make a great gift?

Of course! PoooliPrint portable printers make great gifts! Think college students, creative friends, and family members!

The mobile device is a great way to capture life's moments.

poooliprinter magnetic beak

Portable photo printers are the future of printing

With the veritable bounty of options available in pocket printers, it is clear to see that they are here to stay.

Not only is portable printing fun, but it is also exciting because it invites you to truly make printing your own by stamping your personality on it.

If you're the type of person who likes to hold photos, notes, and designs in your hands, and love the flexibility that print-on-demand offers, then you're sure to enjoy the delightful experience that comes with pocket printers. If you are looking to step into the world of pocket printing, PoooliPrint is the perfect printer to try right now.

Go ahead and click here to get started. 

Pocket Printers FAQ: 

What is pocket photo printer?

A pocket photo printer is a portabel device than can print photos from your phone. Just connect your phone to the app and print photo at the touch of a button. You can do many things with photos printer from a pocket photo printer.

What is the cost of pocket printer?

The most affordable pocket printers starts at $59.95. For that price, you will get a 200dpi print quality. If you can spare an additional $40 you can get a pocket printer that prints at an astonishing 300dpi. Click here to learn more about pocket printers print quality.

How do I print photos from my phone?

To print photos from your phone you can use a pocket printer. With a thermal pocket printer, you can print up to 100 photos with just one roll of paper and you do not need expensive ink refills!

Which pocket photo printer prints the best quality?

The Poooliprint XL thermal pocket printer is definitely the best product in its category. With this portable printer, you can print at up to 300dpi which is comparable to a regular office printer.  Plus, you don't need ink which is going to save you on expensiv refills.

Do mini printers need ink?

While most mini printer need ink, the Poooliprint portable printers are inkless. They are thermal printers and can print on special thermal paper that will react to the heat.

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