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Thermal Printers: Why PoooliPrint is a Fan Favorite

Why are we still using the year 2000's printers in the year 2021? Do thermal printers need ink? Are thermal printers eco friendly? Sometimes it seems that, while technology has made leaps and bounds in almost every area, we're using the same old clunky printers from decades ago. They're big, wasteful, and expensive.

If you're ready to join the modern age, keep reading to learn about pocket printers and the amazing products offered by PoooliPrint.

poooliprint inkless printer brand

What is a Thermal Printer?

Unlike an inkjet printer or solid ink printer, a thermal printer doesn't actually use any ink. Instead, thermal printers create black and white images by using heating elements to activate or transfer pigments onto thermal paper. 

So essentially, you are trading in ink for heat! Thermal printer ink doesn't exist. Pretty cool, huh?

And not just that, but the images that a thermal printer produces are actually more durable and last longer than those made from ink.

Are they Eco-Friendly?

Yes, yes, and yes. Thermal printers are much better for the environment than the standard inkjet printers, for so many reasons.

Unlike other printers, thermal printers like PoooliPrint don't use a ribbon, which reduces non-recycling waste and by-products. Plus, because they are so light, they have a lower shipping weight, which in turn means that they have a lower carbon footprint.

I'm sure it would also surprise you to learn that ink is actually toxic, containing lead and chlorinated compounds. Every time you throw a toner or ink cartridge in the garbage, there is a chance of it polluting the water and soil if left in a landfill. Not to mention that inked paper is much harder to recycle than you would expect.

And to top it all off, a single ink cartridge can take some 450 years to decompose.

But with thermal printers like Poooliprint or Phomemo, you don't have to worry about any of these environmental hazards, and instead, you can enjoy the fun at your fingertips with these pocket printers and print without guilt.

inkless image printing

Why Choose a PoooliPrint Pocket Printer?

Putting aside the fact that each review PoooliPrint review is emblazoned with four to five stars, PoooliPrint has a lot going for it.

scrapbooking printer

Not to mention the pocket printers are absolutely adorable, with a magnetized accessory that turns your printer into a cute, bird-like companion.


PoooliPrint pocket printers come in an array of sizes to suit the needs of everyone, from students to entrepreneurs.

When it comes to their pocket printers, they come in three sizes, L1 (200dpi), L2 (300 dpi, HD), and LE (300dpi, HD)

Being so small, the Poooliprinter can be carried around with ease.

Just pop it in your back and off you go, whether you are going over to your best friend's house to journal or need to print something out at school.

They even sell adorable covers on their website for all of you on-the-go creatives. The other two printers, the XL (300dpi, HD), and A4 (300 dpi), are not so much pocket=sized—unless you have giant pockets—but rather bag-sized, allowing you to still be able to carry them around wherever needed.

PoooliPrint even has silicone carrier cases for the XL, allowing you to carry it around with ease.

poooli portable printer


As mentioned above, the printing technology used by thermal printers is environmentally friendly, and this is especially true for PoooliPrint's printers.

Dedicated to making sure their product has the lowest environmental impact, PoooliPrint has made sure that their products are eco-friendly. Unlike receipts (which are usually printed on thermal paper from other companies), PoooliPrint's thermal paper is BPA-free and recyclable.

They also use 100% compostable mailers for most of their orders, meaning you don't have to worry about how to responsibly discard the packaging once it has arrived at your door.

Multi-use! from label printer to bullet journal must-have

One of the best parts about thermal pocket printers like PoooliPrint and Phomemo is how multi-use they are. Whether you need to print receipts for your online business or print out some of your favorite photos to stick in your journal, a pocket printer is your perfect companion.

It's also worth noting that while there are other thermal printers out there, the jump to a 300dpi makes a huge difference in quality, as blogger Claire pointed out, this makes PoooliPrint perfect when it comes to printing those smaller, more intricate graphics for your journal. 

The wide range of paper on sale in their shop also opens up a whole new set of possibilities from making stickers to washi tape and even notepads.

Here are just some of the ways you could use your Poooliprint both to have fun and make your life easier at the same time:

  • Print out some of your favorite photos to stick to your wall
  • Make a pile of sticky notes ready for school; using the various templates you can find there.
  • Use the scanning and printing function on the app to print out documents or homework.
  • Acts as a label printer and allows you to print shipping labels
  • Print out text to add beside photographs in your journal or photo album.

poooli sticker printer

Why not try out the free app?

One of the things that make Poooliprint such a favorite among users, is its free mobile phone app.

Simply download it onto your phone and set up an account to unlock a myriad of printing possibilities.

You can even get rewards for signing up in the form of points which you can later redeem for money off your next website purchase.

The app also has free templates for anyone just getting started or in need of inspiration. Or perhaps you need to print a gift label quickly and have no time to go searching Pinterest for an adorable tag.

But perhaps one of the best features of the app is that it allows you to edit your images before you print them. You are able not only to change the brightness and contrast and other various settings of your image but also add filters and even split an image into several bands in order to print a larger picture.

try the poooli app

How does it work?

So the big question is: do thermal printers need ink? Unlike an inkjet printer, you don't need thermal printer ink since it doesn't use ink. You don't even need a computer to work the PoooliPrint.

First, make sure you download the PoooliPrint app onto your device and make an account. 

  • Connect your PoooliPrint to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Open an image you like in the app.
  • Make sure there is a thermal paper roll inside your printer.
  • Press print.

And voila! You are done.

Sit back, relax and watch as your printer does the hard work.

Printing out images has never been so easy!

And if you want to print out a sticker, all you have to do is load your printer with semi-sticky transparent paper and repeat the process.

Which one is for me?

The first question to ask yourself is what would you like to use it for? If you want to use it for journaling, and you are looking to print smaller images, then perhaps the L1 or even L3 is for you.

However, if you are looking to start an Etsy store, perhaps the XL or even A4 is for you. They may be a little larger than their sibling printers, but these bad boys allow you to print out shipping labels fuss-free, making it a perfect addition to anyone running an online shop.

Want to customize your Poooliprint even more? If you go with the L1 or L2, you have the choice of four colors: green, pink, blue, and yellow. If you go with the L3 you are able to choose between green and pink. 

xl printer from poooliprint

Thermal printers are fun for everyone

Whether you need a label printer, are making a gift, or are an avid journaler eager to spruce up their bullet journal, a thermal printer is a fun experience for everyone.

Eco-conscious, cost-effective, and portable, these pocket printers promise hours of creative fun and productivity boosts. A crafters dream!

So why not go and pick one up for the office, or ahead of an intense journaling session, stock up on various paper rolls and go grab yourself a pocket printer.

And even after all of this, you don't believe me, just check out some of the reviews. If they don't convince you nothing will!

poooliprint journaling printer

Thermal Printer Paper FAQ: 

What is a thermal printer?

A thermal printer is a printer that makes use of heat in order to produce the image on paper. The poooliprint thermal printers are very popular.

What is a thermal printer good for?

A thermal printer is perfect for DIY, journaling, scrapbooking. You can also use a thermal printer to get organized, print notes or simply print pictures.

What is a thermal printer with example?

A thermal printer can be used by journaling enthusiasts to print decoration for their journals. It can also be used to simply print stickers or labels.

Do thermal printers run out of ink?

Thermal printers are inkless, therefore they will never run out of ink.

What are the disadvantages of a thermal printer?

The biggest disavantage of Poooliprint thermal printer is that they cannot print in color. However, you can usecolored prints paper rolls such as the blue prints sticky paper rolls.

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