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Summer 2021: 5 Places To Bring a Pocket Printer

The idea of a pocket-sized travel photo printer almost sounds like science fiction. After all, aren't printers big, bulky, and cost far too much to be lugging around in your backpack?

Not when it comes to pocket printers.

What is a pocket printer?

A Pocket printer is a portable, pocket-sized photo printer that allows you to be creative wherever you go. Often varying in size, travel photo printer usually range from the size of your palm to a small-sized pocketbook. Most of them are also able to connect to an app on your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Basically, it's a miniature printer that you can carry around with you and print on the go.

poooliprint versatile pocket printer

How do portable photo printers work?

As I mentioned, most portable photo printers are fitted with either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. Using an app on your mobile device, you are able to edit and print whatever text or image you desire. Most apps even allow you to edit the picture before you print it, making sure it's exactly how you like it!

Unlike years ago when you had to take your photos in to get developed, all you have to do now is connect your iPhone or Android smartphone to the printer via Bluetooth, search your camera roll for your desired photo, click print and watch it came to life before your very eyes. And the best part is that the quality never has to suffer for speed. 

pocket printer connects to smartphone

What makes pocket printers travel friendly?

Unlike a regular printer, pocket printers can fit into your bag without taking up too much space. Not just that, but without the toxic ink cartridges, ribbons and toner, pocket printers, they weigh next to nothing. They also have a battery life of around one week if left on standby mode. All of these things combined make them the perfect traveling companion!

travel friendly printer

Which portable photo printer is for you?

Just like any product, there are a plethora of photo printers to choose from, all boasting to be the best. So, how do you know which one is the best pocket printer for you?

If you are looking for a compact photo printer that's cute, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, then PoooliPrinters is the best travel photo printer.

poooliprint pocket printer for the go

These printers use carbon photo paper and are completely ink-free, employing Japanese thermal printing technology to bring you high-quality photos.

They even allow you to make stickers with their sticker paper and have an app that works with iPhones and Android devices.

This all sounds great, but what if you already have a PoooliPrinter and want to add another to your collection? Take a look at some of these listed below to see if any spark interest:

Fujifilm Instax Mini

You've probably seen the Fujifilm instax mini online or even in real life. Coming in a wide variety of colors, Fujifilm instax minis are a favorite among polaroid enthusiasts.

These cameras allow you to adjust the brightness before taking the shot and even have two shutters, which means you can take a landscape or portrait photo. 

Kodak Mini 3 Retro

These retro-looking cameras are anything but! With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, users are able to save photos they take onto their smartphones. With a battery life of only 1.5 hours, this camera isn't as portable as the others but makes up for it with its ability to both capture and print pictures.

And unlike a regular polaroid camera, the Kodak Mini 3 Retro prints square photos! All while retaining print quality. 

Canon Selphy

The Canon Selphy cp1300 printer uses dye-sublimation technology, where heat is used to transfer dye onto paper and other printing materials.

Like Poooliprint, the Canon Selphy has an app that allows you to edit and print images as well as check your ink levels. 

Unlike, Poooliprinters, however, they are not quite as easy to transport and do require a power outlet to work. 

HP Sprocket

Here is another fan favorite! With a Bluetooth connection and a portable and sleek body, the HP Sprocket is simple to use and heaps of fun. With great print quality, this printer also works as a phone printer thanks to the smartphone app that allows you to check the quality of your pictures before printing. 

Where to take your photo printer?

If these printers have specifically been made to be portable, then where should you take them? I mean, the whole point of these portable printers is to bring them to different places, after all. Perhaps I can give you some inspiration.

A Sleepover

Why not break out your journals, gather up your pens and print out your favorite images. Whether you want to make a collage of your fun evening or work on your bullet journaling, a portable photo printer will be a hit at any slumber party.

You could even print out some of the best and wackiest pictures of the night, preserving your favorite moments for years to come! There's nothing like commemorating fun times with friends, right?

poooliprint lover desk

On a Scenic Trip

All of us take photos while on a trip, but hardly anyone prints out those pictures anymore. Years ago the only way to see your photos was to get them developed, and now, all we have to do is swipe through our phone galleries.

But, with a portable travel photo printer on hand, you can print out the best images as you go. So go old school and make a photo album for your trip with this brand new technology. Immortalize all of the gorgeous views, delicious food, and brand new cities you'll visit,

After all, PoooliPrint's printers are perfectly portable, so they can fit easily enough in your little travel bag. You can protect it with a cute case, too!

portable thermal printer

A Birthday Party

Portable printers are a perfect accessory to bring to a birthday party. Unlike a polaroid camera where you can't edit or modify your photo, PoooliPrinters and others like it allow you to edit your photo on an app before printing it off. They are the best pocket printers.

With this portable printer, everyone can go home with their favorite photos of the evening as a special keepsake. You could even give one as a gift!

poooliprint fun printing for birthday

A Family Reunion

Family gatherings can be incredibly fun and chaotic, and bringing along a pocket printer can make the day so much more enjoyable.

Take pictures with cousins, nephews, and nieces, that you can share with them on the spot. Surely, your grandparents will get a kick out of family photos they can put on their fridge within a few minutes.

poooliprint recipe printer

A Picnic

There's nothing better than a summer picnic: the sun is shining, the air is warm and fresh, and there's excellent company and food to enjoy.

Again, you can immortalize all of these fun summer memories using your handy little pocket printer. Capture the green grass, blue skies, and all of your wide smiles for a fun and adventurous summer you will never forget.

family book print ideas

Fun all around

Travel photo printer are the way of the future, and it's about time everyone got with the times. Regardless of which portable photo printer you go for, the fun is seemingly endless. Whether you are a creative who enjoys scrapbooking or someone who simply loves printing out their favorite photos to put them on display, these easy-to-use photo printers have something to offer for everyone.

And if you don't know where to get the best pocket printer, simply visit Poooliprint for the newest options.

poooliprinter A4 printer

Thermal Printer Paper FAQ: 

Does a portable printer exist?

There are several portable printer options available. One of the most popular portable printer is the Poooliprint printer. Learn why Poooliprint is a Fan's favorite.

How do you use a pocket printer?

To start using your pocket printer, simply connect it to your phone. You can use the Poooli app to connect a pocket printer to your phone.

What is a good travel printer?

A good travel printer is the Poooliprint A4 printer. It's a very convenient portable office printer.

How do you travel with a printer?

If you are planning to use your printer during your next vacation or an upcoming business trip, you can get a portable printer to travel. Learn more about Poooliprint portable office printers.

Is printer allowed in cabin baggage?

If you are traveling with a pocket printer, you will be able to carry it with you during the flight and you can even use it after take-off.

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